Amish man pleads guilty to animal cruelty for overburdening his horse’s load

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In Ephrata, Pennsylvania, a 20-year-old Amish man pleaded guilty on Tuesday in a Lancaster County court to overburdening his horse’s load with a cart filled watermelons and two adult men, causing the horse’s suffering and eventual death, reports Fox News.Amish man horse cruelty

Marvin Sensenig was charged on August 2, with two counts of animal cruelty after the horse collapsed. According to police reports, one count was for kicking the horse in the abdomen and punching it in the head; the other charge was for having the horse “pull a farm wagon with a burden too great for a single horse.”

The investigation began after a photo, taken by a woman driving on Bethany Road, showed an Amish man beating his horse until it collapsed. The pictures quickly went viral on social media. The woman, who asked not to be identified, stated the man beat the horse with what she thought had been a whip. When  she returned a short time later, the horse had collapsed on the road – his tongue was laying on the ground as the man kept picking up the horse’s head by its reins and then letting the animal’s head drop to the road.

Although the horse tried his best to get up, he was too weak. The horse did not survive.

Sensenig paid $300 for each count of animal cruelty plus court costs totaling  $754.00.

Rest in peace innocent horse.

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Read more of the story here. (Photos via Facebook)

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  1. Carol Coughlin says:

    Does the county call that a punishment? $600 for 2 counts of cruelty and $754 for court costs? No jail time? Not even any probation to at least inconvienance him by having to go to a probation officer every week?? I guess Pa. doesn’t care about its animals. And did they check for any animals in his barn? The Amish are nortorious puppy mill violaters. And what about the other guy with him? I would call him an accomplis since he went along with him and didn’t stop him from kicking and punching and maybe even whipping the poor horse. And he let him make the
    poor horse pull the wagon by himself even though there should’ve been 2 horses to pull it?? Pa. should be damned ashamed of itself for letting these men get away with this. I guess if a person wanted to buy an animal and abuse/neglect it Pa. is the state to go to !!! >:-(

    • Mary Mooney says:

      I couldnt agree with you more. Such a lenient fine, no punishment really. A life lost. No wonder they feel they can treat their animals any way they want to, there is no deterrent.

  2. Vicki says:

    Animal Cruelty is very common in the Amish community. They believe that they have dominion over all animals which in their eyes means to use them until they are used up ( dead ). They are the biggest owners of Puppy mills and use their religion to hide their evil. They are no where near the kind, gentle people that so many seem to see them as. They also use their children and wives like slaves.

  3. Ed says:

    I agree with all the above comments they’re stinking dirtbags Amish my ass wipe she’s right punishment should be fit not money not probation take him put him on the carriage and make him carry a horse like he used to do before the horse that I’d make him go miles and Lee collapses and shoot him right in the f****** head dead as a doornail mother f***** hopefully a new present either Trump or Hillary will make sure that animal abuse. Hold all countries like China kills thousands and thousands and millions of dogs for trade here’s my idea blow the f****** country about the map I saw those pictures of Sport Deluxe they are kept in cages wire touching your body Scotts stuff works and I seen chickens so any Maine shoot those m************. Cheryl is usually doing a great job even though I cringe every time I open Facebook and look at your great ratings you cannot turn your eye on this thanks again for the great work

  4. Jerry Edelman says:

    The “JUSTICE SYSTEM” should be ashamed of itself. We as a SOCIETY should be ashamed of ourselves that we allow this to continue. We MUST elect representatives that will change our laws to take these crimes seriously and hold these people CRIMINALLY accountable for the pain and suffering and DEATH of innocent lives. Otherwise these crimes will NEVER end.


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