Ailing dog gets a second chance

Ailing, emaciated dog given life-saving chance

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An ailing, emaciated dog, picked up as a stray in Phoenix, Arizona, is getting a second chance at life. The dog, dubbed “Clifford,” was recently found wandering near 87th and Baseline and a good Samaritan took note of his pitiful condition and stopped to help.

Clifford is currently in the care of Medical Animals In Need (M.A.I.N.), and he is undergoing tests to determine exactly what is causing his suffering. Clifford is malnourished, and his body is painful to the touch…given his various symptoms, including dry nose, Valley Fever (a fungal infection) is suspected. According to M.A.I.N., Clifford has also tested positive for tick fever and anaplasmosis.

Ailing dog gets a second chance at life

On Tuesday, M.A.I.N. updated Facebook followers with a post “from” Clifford:

The nice people at the hospital have given me medication – good stuff! They’ve also given me fluids and some yummy food that’s helping me get my strength back. They told me that the blood tests confirmed that I have two icky diseases caused by ticks that I will have to be on medication for for at least 30 days. (I hope it’s more of that good stuff.😉) I’m very anemic and I’m hoping I don’t need a blood transfusion.

They are still waiting on the results of something called Valley Fever. Whatever that is, I hope I don’t have that too!

Clifford is the face of a dog who has survived on his own for too long – a dog who has suffered for too long. Thankfully, after being found by someone who cared enough to take action, he is getting a second chance at life. Find M.A.I.N. on Facebook here. Find the rescue agency’s website here.

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    The Wonderful Person that took a moment of their life to help this poor little one ” Will surely be Blessed this Christmas Season” …. I hope the POS that allowed this to happen to this dog ……Meets a very different fate!!! The deserver to suffer as much as Clifford has!!!!

      • pennysdachshund says:

        We live in a rural area and many times we have stopped and picked up a dog that has been dumped… We are fortunate because our shelter if very low kill … our town has a very wealthy benefactor that does great things for our and the town 30 miles for ours for the shelter and I would say 95% of the animals are adopted… euthanized only when absolutely necessary…

      • linda says:

        I also pick up strays of any kind. Since our state has leash laws and seeing a stray dog gives me concern to pick them up.

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