Warning: Cops can shoot your dog if they enter your home

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When a Battle Creek, Michigan couple petitioned the court to hold police officers accountable for shooting and killing their dogs while executing a search warrant looking for evidence of drugs, a 6th Circuit Court judge on Monday ruled officers are allowed to shoot your dog if they enter your home.

Two dogs, belonging to Mark and Cheryl Brown, were repeatedly shot and then purposely killed because they moved and barked. According to the Washington Examiner, police entered the couple’s home, which amounted to the unlawful seizure of property in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Their dogs barked at the door. One officer shot the first pit bull after he said the dog “had only moved a few inches,” perceiving the movement as a “lunge.” The injured dog ran away and hid in the basement, but the officer found the dog and shot him again. A second dog was also killed. The second dog did not approach the officer, and was described as “just standing there,” and barking. She was also shot to death.

The officers killed both injured dogs rather than seek veterinary help for either one.

“Officer Case saw that ‘there was blood coming out of numerous holes in the dog, and (Officer Case) didn’t want to see it suffer’ so he put her out of her misery and fired the last shot.”

In his opinion, Judge Eric Clay stated deadly force used against a dog during a search of a home for illegal drug activity is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment when the officer feels an imminent threat to his safety. Judge Clay decided the Browns did not provide evidence showing their first dog didn’t lunge at the officers nor that the second dog didn’t bark.

Watch out for the safety of your dogs – even in your own home. Whatever happened to police officers being trained to deal with dogs rather than using deadly force? Why couldn’t the police officers instructed the couple to secure the dogs in a safe place? Rest in peace pups.

(Photo of cops can shoot your dog via Facebook)

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21 replies
  1. Laura Lee Wojtowicz says:

    The officer can’t show proof that the dog lunged move or bark neither. Now for the dog who ran and hid…………that’s proof the dog doesn’t want to be near the cops….. PROOF enough in my books. Unnecessarily injuring harming and killing a living creatures…no respect for the innocence. A cop can’t shoot a child for lunging or screaming out of fear. I call this discrimination.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    I strongly disagree with the judge. A ruling like this “opens the door” to more innocent pets being killed, just for existing…….

    Imagine you and your family are at home, relaxing. The front door is suddenly kicked in and police with guns swarm into your home. Your chihuahua barks and is shot by the police……. And the police have broken into the wrong home (yours) due to a clerical error…….

    This sad sequence of events HAS happened……

    No amount of money can replace a lost loved one OR undo the horrors of that experience…..

    The police do NOT need “open season” on pets (which is what this decision means).

    • Kathryn Aldridge says:

      Absolutely! It’s a step BACKWARD in the fight against Puppycide! Those SPECIFIC types of stories are all OVER my FB page, “Justice for Dogs Shot by Police”. I hope the Browns take this case to a higher court!

  3. Edward says:

    Really those cops should not have guns they should not be allowed to have any type of weapon they should even be put on desk Duty they should retire immediately they’re both unfit presentable you come in and shoot two door for just barking your pieces of s*** don’t worry karma is a b**** and she’s around the corner

  4. linda says:

    How can an owner provide evidence while their home is being searched? So sad the dogs suffered because owner’s were allegedly breaking the law.

  5. angela Moore says:

    What a crock of shit there are bad cops just like anywhere else, they ought to be held responsible, and been charged ,how can any evidence be provided they’d of got rid of it anyway ,I’m sick of bad cops that seem to be above the law , when are the victims of police brutality going to get juice that hoes for animals too , karma there’s another couple of heartless arrogant things need u to visit !!

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    That is disgusting! The owners should have been told to contain their dogs, if the officers were so “afraid”! To blatantly kill someone’s pet no matter what the reason they are there is despicable! As for the Judges ruling, what kind “evidence showing their first dog didn’t lunge at the officers nor that the second dog didn’t bark” would there be? Just the testimony of these POS officers? Where are their body camera evidence? It’s disgusting they are saying they shot them to “put them out of their misery”.These officers need to be fired!

  7. Jill Ann Deville says:

    let me get this straight? after shooting…….instead of issuing warrant, checking for whatever drug they were searching for (was probably the wrong house or whomever they were looking for didn’t live there anymore), this cop had to be such a pus*y and go to the basement, search for this dog and shoot it multiple times. When a cop is shooting at a criminal human, they don’t shoot multiple times. They do this because they can. Karma will kick them in their asses. There are so many good cops out there. these morons shouldn’t have a bagde. How did they possibly sleep that night. I need their names so when i see karma come their way, i will pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave and grab a seat on the couch and watch. Proof? unbelievable.

  8. Daniel Clarkson. says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that there was no mention of the cops finding any drugs, which was the excuse given for being there. I think that it is wrong that police have such mentality, that they can use the excuse that they are in danger from any dog that they kill, just for barking at them. It is so wrong. I hope that karma catches up with the police involved, and the judge.

    • Kathryn Aldridge says:

      The same thought occurred to ME…DID they find any drugs? Or was there just a SUSPICION of drugs…and they never found any. But the poor family is left with two dead dogs, anyway!!! OF COURSE a dog is going to bark at someone in their house that they don’t KNOW. And a LOT of dogs don’t like uniforms, anyway. I SINCERELY hope these poor people find SOME legal way to hold those A$$HOLE cops accountable!!! ???? ????

  9. BrendaMinarik says:

    Why was he not charged cold blooded killer with a badge shouldn’t be on the force Protect and Serve
    Not shoot innocent animals ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Seletha Crosby says:

    Not all police are bad but you wonder why there is such hatred for police officers these days and this incident is one reason why. This kind of thing looks badly on all police officers. Luckily I am armed and my dogs are my children and if you come on my property and threaten them, I will do what is neccessary to defend them, regardless of who you are. I am not alone in that thinking. Police may want to keep that in mind when threatening or hurting someones furchild.

  11. Debbie says:

    I would say yes they can and they can be shot for such s cruel and ruthless act. Without a second thought in my opinion! They would deserve at least that for this horrific crime. That is called justice. We have rights. Thats what is wrong with our country right now. Over aggression, dam police state. Ordinary citizens are treated like a serial child murderer. Protocol and comply my ASS!. Have some common sense and ai little respect. Hire people with an IQ above 75 and some common sense! This isnt a war zone and we aren’t enemy combatants. Dear God. It’s totally out of control! Thats why we need guns. Lots of them. Times sure have changed. Not for the better either.


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