Skeletal dog left to die and rejected by heartless owner

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Found roaming the streets of Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday, Quincy is another tragic tale of the plight of a shelter dog thrown away by his heartless owner as if he was an old couch. Had it not been for a Good Samaritan who called the animal shelter for help, the skeletal dog would have closed his eyes in one final breath – a gentle, sentient being left to wither and die when he was no longer wanted.quincy-rdr

When found, Quincy had been wearing his collar with identification information. Full of hope that his family had been worried about their dog, shelter staff quickly called the dog’s owner. Yes, Quincy had been missing for over a week, but the callous reply that followed just shattered hearts of even the most stoic shelter staff:

“No thanks. We don’t want him back!”

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC have stepped up to help Quincy who was reported to be in critical condition. His coat is completely matted, but beneath it all every rib sticks through the skeletal dog’s loosely draped skin; he has suffered tremendously while fighting the dropping temperatures with no shelter, food or water.

“Our hearts are shattered right now,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization. “Quincy is a skeleton and he looks so sad, so weak and so defeated. Our hearts are shattered. This is so unfair.”

On Tuesday evening, Quincy was rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital where he remains in critical condition. Donations are needed to continue helping these critical cases. Click here to donate,  or PayPal

Watch Quincy’s  heartbreaking video here:

911 EMERGENCY!!!!!Quincy is being rushed to the Emergency Hospital right now This is his only hope at survival Donations Needed !!!This video is one of the most heartbreaking depictions of the plight of a shelter animal who has been left to die and thrown out like a piece of garbage !! Quincys was found wandering the Atlanta GA streets and was picked up by animal control after a Good Samaritan called into the shelter He was actually wearing ID tags and his owner was called by the shelter and they stated he has been missing for a week . His owner then stated, "no thanks we don't want him back "!Quincy is a skeleton and in very critical condition He looks so sad ,he's weak and defeated You can tell from the matted fur he has been suffering tremendously and fighting the outside elements with no food shelter or waterOur hearts are shattered right now We must help Quincy !This is so unfair!!!Quincys only hope is to be rushed to the Emergency Hospital for life saving medical care He deserves this chance …To walk in the Emergency Hospital is $1000 which includes very little We Need help Please donate to Quincy Go to Or pay pal

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Tuesday, December 20, 2016



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  1. Patricia Green says:

    His whole life has been BAD I wish only the best for him now better life … I want to say that the POS’S who owned him get the worst out of life and beg for help !!!!
    I hope u all die a painfull death!!!

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    It took more than a week for this dog to get in this bad of condition. The monster owners were neglecting him long before that. Thank you, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. You never cease to amaze me with how much you do for the dogs. The owners should be charged. Sending prayers for this special boy.

  3. Bette says:

    I hope those people can never have another pet. This is terrible. Why do people get a pet if your just going to get rid of them when they get old. When you get a pet it’s a family member. You need to be their voice. I can’t imagine my life without my kitties. I had to put down my baby and it tore me apart. I’m still upset but he would of lived in pain so I had to put him down. Hardest thing I ever did.

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    The Pieces of Shit had had the audacity to mistreat Quincy in this horrific fashion “ARE a SUB HUMAN SPECIES” and should be EXTERMINATED like the foul, rotten, putrid, vile, vermin they are… they do not deserve a life, let alone the chance to ruin a child, animal, or any type of living and breathing form of life!!! PULL Thru Quincy YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN TO HAVE YOUR TIME ON EARTH BE SO PAINFUL!!! MAY SOME ONE SHOW YOU WHAT LOVE AND HAPPINESS ARE!!!

  5. Edward says:

    That’s a shame that should be arrested the family or whoever is responsible that dogs horrible horrible condition and not just a slap on the wrist or $3 fine with them m************ in jail where they belong

  6. Deborah J. says:

    LOOK! This poor dog is in real dire need of all of us right now! Get out the world that this poor neglected dog is in need! Won’t you please, care about this dog and try to save him! God Bless one and all!

  7. susispot says:

    Praying this sad and starved boy gets his Christmas miracle. I hope we hear good news soon. They need to charge the people that let this happen to him. It didn’t happen in a weeks time.

  8. JudyG says:

    Poor little baby, why get an animal if you arent going to do you very best for it – sending my love and prayers (from Australia) to Quincy, may Madame Karma reward you with a loving forever home and the people who did this, I hope you all contract some dreadful disease and get thrown out into the street and starved – assholes

  9. Jose says:

    What a buf lie it take like 1 month or maybe more to get in that condition but the owners need to face some criminal charges people some times don’t deserve to have pets if you can’t have a dog don’t waste your time triying to make a dog life miserable

  10. Dee says:

    Why are people like this not charged. I dont understand it. Why time and time again people do this to animals and they dont pay for their horrible treatment. WHY WHY WHY.


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