25 animals rescued from ‘deplorable’ conditions at rescue

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Last Friday, 25 animals who were supposed to be receiving care from a Madera, California, rescue group were instead taken by the animal control agency after allegations of animal cruelty. According to Tuesday’s ABC 30 News, animals at the Love Me, Don’t Leave Me Rescue were living in deplorable conditions.

Kirsten Gross, Director Madera County Animal Services, told the news agency about the pitiful conditions in the backyard of the property, “Had about an inch full of feces they were wallowing in, no shade, no nothing– it was awful.”


The so-called rescue, headed up by Melanie Sanchez, not only kept the homeless animals in squalid conditions, including dirty crates without access to clean water, but also, allegedly lied about being a non-profit group. The Facebook page for the rescue agency, which has been removed, showed an EIN number, which is allegedly fake, and boasted about being a no-kill animal rescue.

The 25 animals rescued from the “rescue” group have been moved to other out of state agencies and will be made available for adoption there. The case against Sanchez is ongoing.

(Photos screenshots via ABC 30 News)

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