11-year-old rescue pup beaten to death during home break-in

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In Hallam, Pennsylvania, a woman is devastated after a heartless and malicious thief broke into her home and beat her senior dog to death in what involved prolonged suffering for her beloved pet, reports Abc27News.

Maizy, an 11-year-old Australian shepherd was adopted by Crystal Kreider two years ago to help ease the pain after having lost her 16-year-old dog. And on Tuesday, Crystal’s heart broke into a thousand more pieces. Maizey

“It was a bloodbath. It was that and more,” Crystal stated. “Maizy’s teeth were laying all over the floor, and there was blood from one end of my living room to the other.”

Crystal scooped up her precious dog and rushed him to an emergency vet, but Maizy died on the way. The dog had been hit in the face and died as a result of blunt force trauma. A humane society officer said Maizy had put up a brave fight – calling the attack against the dog as “horrific.”

“…I promised Maizy she’d have a great life,” mourned Crystal, and as the last act of love she is able to do in memory of her wonderful dog is to offer a $2,000 reward for information leading to the culprit’s arrest and conviction.

Anyone who has any knowledge of this egregious crime, please call the Hellam Township Police at (717)252.3714 or the humane society police officer Ame Kessler at (717)495.9991.

Rest in peace Maizy.

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  1. Horrible. It appears to be something more than a robbery. This is why security systems work ok, but I depend on my guns. This is why I’ll always have a gun, loaded & nearby. Somebody comes into my house they’re gone. That’s it they’re gone. I don’t care. Crime is getting out of control because criminals are getting slaps on the wrist. And without getting on a soapbox here I blame every politician & lawmaker who doesn’t do anything about making the laws stricter on criminals. Prosecution is needed. This is why people are becoming Vigilantes; they’re tired of the so-called legal system that provides criminals with the benefit of the doubt leaving the victims to pick up the pieces. This is wrong. This is beyond wrong; it is reprehensible and it is not acceptable. And it needs to change.

  2. Find the F*KWAD responsible and exact “Biblical” retribution: Nothing less will do, as there is NO POSSIBILITY OF REHABILITATION for anyone who has “crossed the line” in this heinous manner….
    Rest-in-peace, precious Maizy: God spede to the Bridge, sweetheart…

  3. Poor Maizy. RIP sweet girl. I can’t imagine how horrified Ms. Kreider was when she found her sweet dog so badly beaten and suffering like that…. Pennsylvania’s laws are terribly insufficient to deal with the kind of vile filth capable of this kind of savage cruelty. Permanent removal from society is in order…

  4. WHY KILL the Poor Dog!!! IT”S it enough to violate the property and steal the possessions the homeowner WORK for while the SCUM BAG THIEF is too DAMN LAZY to life a finger to work but and PUT IN A GROSS AMOUNT of EFFORT to TORTURE and MURDER a PET>>>> May there be others to contribute to the REWARD so that this PUKES HOMEBOYS turn HIM /HER in for MONEY so they can DRUG UP!!!

  5. I feel sick.
    Maybe if she posted the items that were stolen (if any were) someone might recognize them and say where they came from. A person who is capable of doing this to a dog will not hesitate do do the same to a human. If someone has knowledge of who did this,they better turn them in or they could be his next victim. My heart breaks for this sweet soul and the owner.

  6. Sick vile scum. Only the death penalty for those who committed this despicable act. Maizy have a safe loving life over rainbow bridge x

    • Maizy knew love from you. May she Rest In Peace. I hope the reward will seek out the lowlife who did this and you have closure.

  7. I’m so sorry for your very sad loss, what a horrible death for your beloved pet. I hope the Police catch the bastard .


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