Neglected puppy’s review date on Monday

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An eight-month-old pup dubbed “Ghost,” is currently waiting to be saved from the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services facility in Texas. The pup has clearly had a rough start to her life.

On Saturday, the Focus on Furever Facebook page wrote the following words on Ghost’s behalf:

Hi, I’m Ghost, I’m an Alaskan Husky & Chow Chow mix. I’m a mid size girly baby. I’m a bit sick with a skin condition and that makes me feel very shy at times. I do like to be taken care of and I really enjoy this sofa, felt rather comfy but I can’t wait to go to a forever home or a rescue or a foster.

This puppy’s review date is on Monday, July 25. According to Focus on Furever, “Many of these animals are due to be euthanized. There is a “Review Date” on the Kennel Card. It is not a euthanasia date. However, if there no room at the kennels all dogs with present review dates will be considered for euthanasia.”

The adoption fee for this puppy is $25 which includes altering and age-appropriate vaccinations.

CCACS#: A275522
Location: Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (CCACS), 2626 Holly Road, Corpus Christi, Texas, (361) 826-4606, 4601 or 4630, [email protected]
Date of Photo: 07/23/16
Pawtographer: Sandra Gaitan
Expert Handlers: Barbara Sheldosky-Brinkman, Nicola Schultz

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