14 dogs die inside of truck

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A tripped circuit breaker is being blamed for the death of 14 dogs who were left inside of a vehicle which was parked outside of a motel in Roseland, Indiana, reported Sunday’s publication of the South Bend News. The dogs, said to be golden retrievers and one spaniel, died after the specially equipped box truck’s air-conditioning system failed on Friday evening.

The dogs, who were being transported and cared for by someone with Lakesyde Kennels and Handling of Wellington, Ohio, were in town for an American Kennel Club dog show which was being held at the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds.

According to WSBT News, the handler plugged an extension cord between the truck into the hotel’s power supply before going to her room for a nap – a circuit breaker inside of the box truck tripped while the woman was away and by the time she returned to check on the dogs, they had all died from heat exhaustion.

The tragic situation is being investigated – initial findings indicate that it was a terrible accident, rather than a criminal act.

(Photo – a golden retriever/screenshot via WSBT News)


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Yes a “tragic accident” I pray for the 14 lives lost and for the owners of these dogs, knowing they must be devastated.

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    You simply cannot count on mechanics when it comes to the safety of animals left in vehicles. Even the boxes that register temperature and are supposed to send a message to your phone aren’t perfect. These dogs should have been in a kennel and not left in a vehicle. At the very least, someone should have stayed in the truck with the dogs.

  3. Stephen Lee Phillips says:

    There IS technology available that monitors AC/temp levels in vehicles and SENDS ALERTS WHEN ACCEPTABLE PARAMETERS ARE EXCEEDED: WHY don’t those who benefit and profit from “dog shows” invest in their “cash cows” (as well as police departments)????

  4. mongibello says:

    This is not the first time the air con fails in vehicles. It is always happening. Do not ever ever ever leave your pets in the car with or without a/c.

  5. Shirlann LB says:

    When are people going to learn you can’t depend on air-conditioning systems working right all the time. To many deaths blamed on failed air-conditioning systems.


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