Pure magic when homeless kitty meets his soul mate with rare disorder

For nearly two years, Lou, a homeless kitty, waited patiently at the Lorca Animal Rescue group in Lorca, Spain, hoping for a second chance. Everyone seemed to love Lou when they met him; the cat loved to cuddle and surely he was handsome enough to attract would be adopters. Sadly, no one seemed to want Lou.Lou the cat meets girl 3

Recently, however all of that changed, and it makes us wonder if “fate” intervened and inexplicably knew Lou’s future happiness was soon to be realized and in so happening would change the life of a youngster. According to the organization’s Facebook page, Isa arrived at the rescue searching for a pet for her 14-year-old daughter, Laura, who suffers from a rare hereditary disorder restricting her neurological and physical development. Isa wanted her daughter to have a therapy companion – someone to love and shower her child with attention. Yes, you already guessed – Lou, the homeless kitty, was the one!

From the moment Lou met Laura, he was smitten. He hugged the child with his paws, rubbed into her arms in only a way a cat can, and snuggled into the softness of  Laura’s neck. In the next moment, Laura smiled and giggled with delight.

 “We didn’t understand why Lou couldn’t find a family, being such a docile and affectionate cat,” Lorca Animal Rescue  wrote on their Facebook page. “Now we understand everything. He was waiting for little Laura; that is the name of this wonderful angel, and her mom Isa. … as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I ask you to all who follow us aquell@s to share these beautiful images and we can break false myths.
As an adult animal is not adopted or that can’t be affectionate or that children and animals cannot live together, between all we are sure that we will gradually change some minds.” (translation edited to be easier to read)Lou the cat

Many years of love and happiness Lou and Laura. We are excited you have found each other with the help of Isa. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

(Photos of homeless kitty courtesy of Lorca Animal Rescue)

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Check out the video of Lou and Laura:

When an 18-year-old dog spends even one night at a crowded shelter

If a picture is worth a thousand words, could a gentle 18-year-old dog watching life go by in a crowded city shelter convey the saddest essence of a disposable society? Yet, there he waits – a surrendered dog at the Baldwin Animal Shelter in California; a dog with a strong will to survive.john-hwang-sept292

And as animal advocate, John Hwang passed by the kennel of Browney, the Chinese Sharpei, John listened carefully as he photographed Browney – hoping to help the gentle soul find someone to love and care for him.

“His barks were faint. Every movement, every breathe felt labored. Yet even at 18 years of age, his strong will keeps him going..”

Click here for Browney’s adoption listing. “My name is Browney and I’m an approximately 18 years, 3 month old male Chinese Sharpei.  I am not yet neutered.  I have been at the Baldwin Animal Care Center since September 15, 2016.  I am available on September 19, 2016.  You can visit me at my temporary home at B418.” A Facebook page for this dog can be found here. Although Browney currently has a “commitment to adopt” and a rescue organization waiting, Baldwin Animal Shelter has not allowed the release of the dog pending the requirement for a temperament test before being permitted to leave. Meanwhile, this dog needs to be at a veterinarian’s office receiving help – not lying in a kennel in the extreme heat. john-hwang-sept293

Please share Browney’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Browney’s family should have been celebrating his life – an amazing feat few dogs ever accomplish – instead they dumped him at a shelter to die alone. Follow the dog’s rescue here.

(Photos John Hwang)



After 952 days in a shelter, no one has come to adopt Dinah

In a shelter in Smithtown, New York, Dinah waits for someone to call her own. After 952 days in the shelter, the five-year-old dog is often seen leaning on the fence or sitting at the end of her kennel run staring out and looking so sad.

“Pick me, love me,” Dinah’s pleading brown eyes ask whenever anyone looks her way.

Dinah rushes over to the edge of her cage, tail wagging and eyes alert, but then they turn around and walk away. Since February 10, 2014, when Dinah was picked up as a stray, she only has the Smithtown Animal Shelter to call home, and although staff and volunteers try their best to show Dinah the love she deserves, it’s not at all like being home. dinah-needs-a-home-2

Wondering what this girl is like? According to the shelter, the sweet five-year-old dog loves toys, the snow and being around people. She absolutely loves belly rubs and would do well with an active adult family – runners, hikers or maybe train her to be a scent dog or agility athlete? Playful, smart and very easy to train, Dinah does well with other dogs, but would be most successful in an adult only home with no cats.

Read more about Dinah on her own Facebook page. Please share her lonely story with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives, and doesn’t Dinah deserve more than a shelter cage?

Dinah is spayed,  weighs approximately 60 pounds, is a bull terrier /shep mix.
Approx. DOB June 2011
Arrived to Shelter: February 10, 2014

Smithtown Animal Shelter
410 E Main St
Smithtown, New York
(631) 360-7575

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Frightened and depressed shelter puppy barely responds

ADOPTED! Many thanks for sharing this puppy’s story.

A seven-month-old German shepherd puppy barely responds to anyone at the Baldwin Park Shelter in California. Brought in as a stray on September 12, this gorgeous dog refused to even stand for her adoption photo.

Click here for the pup’s Pet Harbor listing. ID#A4991931. “I am described as a female, black and tan German Shepherd Dog. The shelter thinks I am about 7 months old. I have been at the shelter since Sep 12, 2016.” For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577.

According to volunteers, the puppy doesn’t appear to be sick; no further information has been shared as to her situation. Please share her plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. A shelter is just no place for a puppy. A Facebook page for her can be followed here as advocates pledge funds for an approved rescue.

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Lost, scared and brokenhearted, terrified hound needs rescue

Natalie Tampa shelter

Natalie (A1647874) is an owner surrender, and the last two weeks of shelter life have been overwhelming for her. Brought into the Hillsborough County Animal Services, the 30 pound Bluetick and Heeler mix appears to have had a litter of puppies before she was dumped at the shelter. Now spayed and healthy,  Natalie is ready to be adopted and find love in all of the right places. Follow her Facebook page here.

Described by volunteers and staff at the high intake shelter of over 300 pets in desperate need of loving homes, Natalie is one of those dogs whose broken spirit and heart brings tears to even the most stoic rescuer.

“A kind vet tech sat out in the rain with her when she was too scared to come in until she could get her in,” had been posted on the Facebook page for Rescue Me Tampa.

Natalie has not been evaluated, however potential adopters are invited to visit and meet her. Click here for Natalie’s PetHarbor listing: #A1647874 “This is a spayed female, black and white Bluetick Coonhound and Beagle.
My name is NATALIE.”

If you are interested in adopting this animal inquire by Animal Number A1647874 and visit the shelter at 440 Falkenburg Road, Tampa, Florida 33619. Animal Services is open for normal business (lost pets, adoptions, rabies tag purchases and investigations): Sunday through Saturday, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

Interested in meeting Natalie?  Contact Hillsborough County  @  813-744-5660. To place a rescue hold or to become an HCAS Rescue Partner, please email

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(Photo by Rescue Me Tampa)