Dog’s family named her ‘Princess’ and then dumped her at Florida high kill shelter

A nine-year-old dog named Princess lies in the corner of her shelter cage at Miami-Dade Animal Services. She was surrendered by her owners who are moving out of the area on April 7, 2021. The … Read More

Huge-hearted foster home needed for bonded pair surrendered after their house caught on fire

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services in Florida, a bonded pair of dogs arrived in a crate after their home caught on fire. Both dogs were surrendered with skin injuries as a result of the fire, … Read More

Homeless pup ‘Lance’ tucks himself into bed at the shelter waiting for a home

A very likeable and handsome bulldog named Lance is waiting for a loving home at the Miami-Dade Animal Services in Doral, Florida. Lance is about six-years-old and as he tries to make the best of … Read More

Dog’s owner dumped her at shelter and when visitors left she cried inconsolably

In a heartbreaking story of an eight-year-old Rottweiler surrendered at the Miami-Dade Animal Services on Saturday, Destiny was left lost and confused. She was an owner surrender, and once her person left her at the … Read More

Tearful owner surrendered his dog to shelter after landlord said no

The photo of a  tearful owner surrendering his dog at the Miami-Dade Animal Services on Monday broke the hearts of animal advocates everywhere.  The two had been together since Chance was just a puppy, and … Read More

Previous show dog in Cuba grew old and deaf and then dumped at shelter

“Sauron” was once an admired show dog in Cuba. The black and white English cocker spaniel earned prizes, ribbons, money and fame for his owners – that is until he grew old. And then instead … Read More

Blind Corgi at Miami shelter ‘Please carry me and keep my water close’ sign on kennel

At Miami-Dade Animal Services a blind Welsh Corgi named Jimmy is so afraid of the kennel environment, he refuses to move. A staff member posted the following heartbreaking message on his kennel window:

“Please carry

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Rottie returned as quickly as he was adopted because he wouldn’t jump into car

At Miami-Dade Animal Services, a three-year-old Rottie mix was returned on Tuesday as quickly as he was adopted. Peter had just been neutered and as his new owners dragged him outside, they unsuccessfully tried to … Read More

Frightened pup clinging to volunteer will be euthanized unless someone can help her

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, the photo of a frightened pup clinging to a volunteer continues to circulate on social media, hoping someone’s heart will melt when they see Flor and rush to the shelter … Read More

Urgent rescue needed for abused ‘bait’ dog who only wants to hug her stuffie

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, an urgent plea has been sent out for help rescuing a young, abused dog who most likely had been a “bait” dog when picked up by local animal control officers … Read More