A broken crate, a little dog running near freeway and a rescue just in time

In the Redlands area of California, came a distressing report of a broken pet crate along the side of a freeway ramp. Animal advocate, Francella Petaccia notified rescuers from Dream Fetchers Project Rescue. She … Read More

Abandoned mother dog shed real tears protecting her pup in desert

Months ago, a young mother dog with her tiny puppy was abandoned in the industrial desert area of the Redlands. According to the security guard, a truck driver dumped the two and left them to … Read More

Dog dumped in Redlands after her owner believed she carried COVID19 virus

UPDATE: We are happy to report Daisy just went home with a wonderful family and a new fur friend.

A dog was dumped in the Redlands of Florida, but luckily was found by an animal … Read More