Abandoned mother dog shed real tears protecting her pup in desert

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Months ago, a young mother dog with her tiny puppy was abandoned in the industrial desert area of the Redlands. According to the security guard, a truck driver dumped the two and left them to fend for themselves.

And survive they did; the protective mother dog hid her baby in the pallets, and so her baby grew up. The person who called Dream Fetchers Project Rescue stated the mother dog literally had tears in her eyes wondering how she would continue to survive in the hostile environment with no one caring whether they lived or died. Predatory animals and snakes were everywhere.

On Wednesday morning, rescuers set out to capture the two dogs; armed with chicken and cheeseburgers they hoped the rescue attempt would go quickly and smoothly. Unfortunately, the puppy was terrified and fled. Now rescuers, Faith Easdale and Jim Roston would need to come up with a different plan. There was no way the puppy was going to be left behind.

“We thought baby comes for mama so we will build a pen and Jim’s engineering skills and my knowledge of rescuing – we saved baby,” Faith posted on social media.

“Mama closed her eyes with tears in relief. She knew she and baby were finally safe. No animals deserves to be abandoned.”

Check out the video of mother and baby on their own in the desert:


After the rescue, the mother dog closed her eyes in relief. The security guard said he watched the puppy grow up. No one else volunteered to help these pups – now they are safe, and that is what counts.

To help with their expenses as well as helping in the rescue of more abandoned pets in the desert, please click here.

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  1. Very wonderful & patient rescuers to help these precious little treasures!!! I am very happy both of these precious little treasures are on their way to a better life!!!
    This group often rescues special needs & abandoned animals. They are wonderful!!!

    These 2 precious little treasures deserve to be in a loving furever family where they will be treated as beloved family members……. I hope they are adopted ASAP!!!

    I hope the POS who abandoned them burns in Hell forever for his cruelty…….


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