Couple accused of torturing landlord’s cat to rid it of ‘demons’

A couple in Las Vegas, Nevada, is accused of cruel torture and killing of their landlord’s cat, who they believed to be possessed by “demons.” According to Tuesday’s Live 5 News, 20-year-old Immanuel Church and 21-year-old Denise Eddines allegedly tortured two cats – one of the cats perished.

One cat, named “Spunky,” was reportedly tortured for an agonizing 40 minutes before he finally died. Spunky belonged to Nia Wulkan, who had been renting a room of her home to the pair. Wulkan was out of town, caring for an ailing family member, when the alleged crime took place.

The couple have claimed that they decided to kill the cat after he hissed and growled at them, reported KTNV News. After an internet search, the pair brewed up a deadly “potion” comprised of  hot sauce, bleach, Comet and other household items. When the toxic mixture failed to kill the cat, the pair resorted to kicking the feline and then used swords which were in the residence to finish the deadly job.

The other cat in the household was not safe from harm – the pair allegedly used the “potion” on Wulkan’s other cat, causing chemical burns, reported the Daily Mail. The violent situation has resulted in charges of willful and malicious torture, cruelty or unjustifiable injury, and the maiming or killing of an animal that belongs to someone else.

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Oregon man gets 5 days in jail for hanging neighbor’s cat from fence

An Oregon man, who is accused of killing his neighbor’s cat by hanging the feline from a fence, spent a mere give days in jail for the crime. According to Tuesday’s News Channel 21, 56-year-old Glen William Lacoss, of Bend, pleaded no contest to a charge of first-degree animal abuse for the act of cruelty which claimed the life of “Sweetie.”

Sweetie belonged to Rick and Shannon Garza – neighbors of Lacoss. Lacoss claimed that the cat was “scratching his trees” and stated that he believed that the cat was feral. In addition to the five days of jail time, Lacoss is prohibited from owning a domestic animal for the next five years – if he violates his probation, he would face a Class C misdemeanor.

According to KTVZ, the cat’s owners believe that Lacoss first beat Sweetie, and then hung her from the fence with wire.

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Screenshot (1047)  Watch a sweet kitten enjoy a warm bath here.

Family cat dies after someone shot an arrow through his body

A family in Omaha, Nebraska, was forced to say  good-bye to their cat after someone shot an arrow through the feline’s body. According to KETV 7 News, the cat, named “Pocket,” entered his family’s garage on Sunday with the arrow impaled through his body.

Pocket’s owner, Jennie Barney, told News 7 that she could hear her cat crying in pain and acknowledged her belief that her pet was going to die, “I started bawling instantly because I didn’t think he was gonna make it, I knew he was gonna die.”

Cat hit with an arrow

Though Pocket was taken to a veterinarian, his injuries were so severe that even if he underwent expensive surgery, he was only given a 50 percent chance of survival. Given the slim odds, and the staggering surgical expense, Pocket’s family made the difficult decision to end their pet’s suffering.

Now, the Nebraska Humane Society is hoping to find out who is responsible for the cruel criminal act. Anyone with information is asked to reach out to investigators at 402-444-7800.

Investigation launched after cat found wrapped in duct-tape

An investigation has been launched after a cat was found wrapped in duct-tape in someone’s yard on Veterans Drive in Traverse City, Michigan. According to Tuesday’s 9 & 10 News, the cat was taken by animal control to the Grand Traverse Animal Hospital.

The cat, dubbed “Ronnie,” was in poor condition when he first arrived to the veterinary hospital. Dr. Alexander Krysinski recounted the cat’s condition, “Ronnie arrived at our doorstep with duct tape around his head his neck his chest his front legs were duck taped together and his hind legs were also duct taped together as well.” According to WGTU News, it took veterinary staff an hour to remove the tape from the cat’s body.

Ronnie has maintained a sweet disposition, despite the cruelty that he endured – though it is surmised that he spent upwards of three days in the duct-tape, he has been purring and friendly to those who are treating him. Dr. Krysinski stated, “Through all of this he has been an angel he’s been purring and eating for us and he has a heart of gold and I only wish the previous owner had the same heart.”

Ronnie needs to undergo surgery to remove a tumor from his ear, but he is still too unstable for the procedure. He is fighting malnutrition, a flea infestation, and widespread infection from the tape. Fortunately, his veterinarians are hopeful that he will recover.

The animal control agency has launched an investigation to find out who is responsible for the cruel incident which nearly claimed this cat’s life.


Mysterious ‘cat-dog’ has people confused

What does it take to become an internet sensation these days? Being unique is a good start – one person’s rather mysterious looking pet has left social media users confused. Are they looking at a cat, or a dog??

The mystery pet, who has a rather dog-like appearance, is actually a young male Persian named “Atchoum,” who has hypertrichosis. The interesting condition is explained on the cat’s own Facebook page:

Hypertrichosisis a symptom of a hormonal disorder that manifests in man or woman, for an invasive hair on body parts. This disease can also appears on animals and provides my cat with a funny look.

Mysterious cat-dog

Atchoum lives in Quebec and has a hefty Instagram following (nearly 165k). The cat’s thousands of fans are in love with his unusual looks – most every post includes, “I love him!” to “he’s my new fave!”

You can follow this rather awesome cat on Instagram here, or find him on Facebook at this link.

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Family’s beloved cat found hanging from tree limb

A Vermont family’s beloved cat was found hanging from a wire on a tree limb in Starr Farm Park in Burlington. The Burlington Police are now reaching out to the public for leads in the heinous case of animal cruelty which claimed the cat’s life.

On Wednesday, the police department utilized its Twitter account to help secure leads in the case. The department posted a photo of the cat, and a description of how he was found:

This cat, Tiki, was found dead, hung from the neck with a wire, at Starr Farm Park. He had a loving family.

The cat who was hanging from the tree limb was discovered by a passerby earlier this month. As reported in the Burlington Free Press, Burlington Police Department Deputy Chief Shawn Burke expressed outrage over the cruel incident stating, “This cat was horrifically killed.”

Anyone with information about this disturbing case is asked to call Officer Ethan Czyzewski at 802-540-2327.

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Teens accused of killing hungry cat at cookout

Two teenagers in South Carolina are facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly shooting a hungry cat that was rummaging through garbage during a cookout on John Everall Road, in Lancaster, earlier this month. According to Friday’s WNCN News, the young men accused of the cruel act are 19-year-old Grant Bodison and 19-year-old Joshua Kiser.

Bodison and Kiser are accused of using a BB gun to shoot the cat, who was described as a “nuisance,” for getting into garbage at the home; both teens are accused of taking shots at the cat.

The wounded cat did not die quickly from the shots – the police stated, “Another person at the residence saw the cat was injured and apparently suffering and dispatched the cat by hand. The cat was then buried on the property.”

Since some of the residents at the home were college students, the cruel incident was investigated by the authorities, as well as the University of  South Carolina-Lancaster.

Sheriff Barry Faile commented on the sad situation, “I hope these young men learn something from the negative consequences that have and will result from this incident,” reported WYFF4 News.

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