Police launch investigation after report of cat tied to firework and shot into air

In the North Wales section of Wrexham, police have launched an investigation into reports of a cat dying after having been strapped to a firework in the Queensway area.

The NWP Wrexham Town reported the … Read More

Cat in New Orleans who got into substation knocked out power to 7500 customers

It happened in New Orleans on Monday morning; a cat somehow managed to get into a substation for Entergy New Orleans and accidentally came into contact with electrical equipment knocking out power to 7,500 customers.… Read More

Man drowned his mother’s cat instead of euthanizing her pet

A West Hampton Dunes man faces felony animal cruelty charges after authorities stated he cruelty stuffed his mother’s aged cat into a kennel carrier and drowned the helpless animal in the Moriches Bay instead of … Read More

Cat broke all of his teeth trying to free his paw from hunter’s snare trap

A frightened black and white male cat broke all of his teeth trying desperately to free his paw from a snare trap after it unmercifully snapped down leaving the feline in excruciating pain. On Monday, … Read More

Couple accused of torturing landlord’s cat to rid it of ‘demons’

A couple in Las Vegas, Nevada, is accused of cruel torture and killing of their landlord’s cat, who they believed to be possessed by “demons.” According to Tuesday’s Live 5 News, 20-year-old Immanuel Church … Read More

Oregon man gets 5 days in jail for hanging neighbor’s cat from fence

An Oregon man, who is accused of killing his neighbor’s cat by hanging the feline from a fence, spent a mere give days in jail for the crime. According to Tuesday’s News Channel 21, … Read More

Family cat dies after someone shot an arrow through his body

A family in Omaha, Nebraska, was forced to say  good-bye to their cat after someone shot an arrow through the feline’s body. According to KETV 7 News, the cat, named “Pocket,” entered his family’s garage … Read More

Investigation launched after cat found wrapped in duct-tape

An investigation has been launched after a cat was found wrapped in duct-tape in someone’s yard on Veterans Drive in Traverse City, Michigan. According to Tuesday’s 9 & 10 News, the cat was taken … Read More

Mysterious ‘cat-dog’ has people confused

What does it take to become an internet sensation these days? Being unique is a good start – one person’s rather mysterious looking pet has left social media users confused. Are they looking at a … Read More

Family’s beloved cat found hanging from tree limb

A Vermont family’s beloved cat was found hanging from a wire on a tree limb in Starr Farm Park in Burlington. The Burlington Police are now reaching out to the public for leads in the … Read More