Rescued from euth’ room by big-hearted shelter worker

A kind-hearted shelter worker was so moved by an 11-year-old senior pup who undoubtedly had been broken and defeated, she was rescued from the euth’ room at the last moment. Quinn now has been given … Read More

Owner jailed: Starved dog so hungry ate child’s shoe before dying

In the heartbreaking death of a Staffordshire bull terrier, the abandoned and starved dog resorted to eating a child’s shoe because she was so hungry. According to the Manchester Evening News, the dog’s owner … Read More

Shelter worker videoed hitting dog with chair

Animal shelters are stressful environments for all dogs; some more apt to act out in fear and bark more than others. On Tuesday, as a volunteer visited San Luis Obispo County Division of Animal ServicesRead More

N.Y.C man stuffed emaciated dog in suitcase and tossed it in dumpster

Authorities are asking for the public’s help finding the man they believe stuffed an emaciated dog into a suitcase and then dropped the bag into a Manhattan dumpster. According to the New York City Police … Read More

Matted dog so tangled he barely opened his mouth nor could he walk

When teachers at a Detroit, Michigan school called Detroit Dog Rescue on Wednesday to help with a small matted dog so tangled he barely opened his mouth nor could he walk, volunteers rushed out to … Read More

Nine puppies abandoned in cooler and left on side of road

Nine puppies abandoned in a cooler and left on the side of the road in Texas were discovered  by a woman who spotted the cooler and had thoughts of taking it home to re -purpose. … Read More

Puppy left to die in a ditch: ‘I just can’t go on any longer’

In Columbus City, North Carolina, had it not been for a Good Samaritan who found a stray, tortured puppy left to die in a ditch, Rayna would have been another tragic statistic of animal cruelty … Read More

12-year-old neglected poodle: No one came to find her

Poor little Betty – a 12-year-old neglected poodle, found as a stray in heartbreaking condition; her once beautiful apricot and tan coat in a mass of tangles and her face in pure disarray and filth. … Read More

Heartless case of neglect, yet shepherd is so forgiving

Junebug is an eight-year-old female German shepherd who suffers from a heartless case of neglect. A huge, untreated tumor hangs beneath the sweet dog’s belly, and although it even interferes with how she walks,  her … Read More

Man hosed the dog in cold water and threw it outdoors in freezing temperatures

A 32-year-old man  from Anoka County, Minnesota has been charged with animal abuse. According to KstpNews, Eric David Elwell is alleged to have hosed the dog in cold water and then threw the dog outside … Read More