Abandoned senior American bulldog due to be euthanized if not rescued

Had it not been for a Good Samaritan, Milo, an American bulldog, might not have survived, but this senior’s extraordinary circumstances and the need for immediate care places the extremely friendly dog at risk for … Read More

Rescue emergency: Life has not been kind to Alfred

Just a year-and-a-half of age, Alfred has not had a kind life. Found wandering the streets of Miami in search of scraps of food, Animal Control brought him to Miami-Dade Animal Services where staff veterinarians … Read More

Heartbreaking Ace: Arrived at shelter covered in blood and sores

Ace arrived at the Miami-Dade Animal Services on Wednesday covered in blood with oozing sores all over his body. Who knows how long he suffered from the prolonged neglect? How many people walked by him … Read More