Help: Gentle soul Liam found wandering the streets of Houston

May 18, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Dog mom of 10 puppies shot twice before she was surrendered

May 17, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Beautiful girl thought she had a home, but adopter returned her citing ‘responsibility’

May 16, 2019/by Penny Eims

Young dog just wants to play, but he is out of time and on the list to be put down

May 14, 2019/by Penny Eims

Anniversary marks 2 years that dog has been at shelter – half of his life!

May 13, 2019/by Penny Eims

Desperate situation – young dog sick and in need of help at busy animal control

May 12, 2019/by Penny Eims

To my family: ‘Don’t you care I am dying today at a shelter?’

May 11, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

So sad – dog has given up hope after being homeless at shelter for over 1000 days

May 10, 2019/by Penny Eims

Skinny, neglected senior is losing hope

May 9, 2019/by Penny Eims

He did nothing wrong – dog has been homeless over 980 days

May 9, 2019/by Penny Eims

Man in hospice with one week to live wishes to find homes for his 11 dogs

May 8, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Abused dog waits over a year for her forever home

May 7, 2019/by Denise Carey-Costa

Urgent – handsome old boy struggling at shelter

May 7, 2019/by Penny Eims

Family surrendered ‘good boy’ who is now stuck in crowded animal control

May 6, 2019/by Penny Eims

Four years in a shelter: Romeo wants his own family

May 6, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Downtrodden, neglected mom needs somewhere safe to raise her puppies

May 5, 2019/by Penny Eims

Adorable pup still wags his tail after dragged behind truck

May 5, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Sad, old boy homeless and in need

May 5, 2019/by Penny Eims

Senior Dachshund at high kill shelter deserves better

May 4, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Terrified and lonely homeless puppy needs a loving home

May 3, 2019/by Penny Eims

A last hug for Samosa: Puppy slated to die at NYC shelter

May 3, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

28 golden retrievers rescued following animal cruelty probe

May 3, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Dog who spent year in a closet, now lives in a cage – and she needs help

April 30, 2019/by Penny Eims

‘Gage’ trying not to be the saddest dog ever after he was returned

April 30, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Dumped – she knows her family isn’t coming to save her

April 29, 2019/by Penny Eims

People said Orlando was just found: We knew that was a lie

April 28, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Terrified dog lost home when parents divorced – now she is in danger

April 28, 2019/by Penny Eims

Stunning senior shepherd – why doesn’t anyone want to give him a home?

April 27, 2019/by Penny Eims

Dog adopted, returned days later with face injuries – now at risk of being put down

April 26, 2019/by Penny Eims

For blind senior Matilda, it is the ‘worst of times’

April 26, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Ailing puppy shaking in pain and urgently in need of medical help

April 25, 2019/by Penny Eims

German shepherd left alone to drown during raging storm

April 25, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Senior dog homeless for 2 years – will he die without a family?

April 24, 2019/by Penny Eims

Video captures couple abandon 5 Chihuahuas along side of road

April 24, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

Dumped dachshund puppy terrified at high kill shelter

April 24, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

This handsome, young dog is stressed and now he may die because of it

April 23, 2019/by Penny Eims

Her smile lit up the internet, but not enough for anyone to save her

April 22, 2019/by Penny Eims

20-year-old dog surrendered day before Easter – help needed to save him

April 22, 2019/by Penny Eims

Stray pooch carried his food bowl wherever he went

April 21, 2019/by Cheryl Hanna

17 and 18 year old dogs homeless after being surrendered

April 21, 2019/by Penny Eims
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