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Family dog survived tornado that ripped through apartment in Little Rock

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In Little Rock, Arkansas, the tornado that ravaged a family’s apartment on Friday completely destroyed their home, and if that wasn’t tragic enough, their dog was missing.

In a desperate plea to find her canine best friend, Paige Hutcheson turned to social media, asking for anyone in the area to help locate her dog. Paige had hoped that someone had come to rescue her dog, but since the tornado passed and the overwhelming destruction loomed everywhere in the Bowman Curve area, the dog remained missing. Unfortunately, the dog had not been wearing a collar which would have made him being returned to his family if found more difficult.

If this isn’t the case, then the worst happened and he’s buried in there but they won’t let me search (understandable)

Facebook via Paige

And even though Paige and her family lost everything, her main concern had been the safety of her dog.

And then!

An early Saturday update brings us all miraculous news. The family was able to dig a little in their destroyed apartment, and there he was – trapped under rubble, insulation and pieces of roofing material.

Updates to follow. This is one miraculous save.

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Heartwarming rescue of baby duckling.
One very friendly squirrel.

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Owner abandons dog with note hoping ‘God Grant you better suited’ home

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A one-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd abandoned at Cooper School Park in Vacaville, California is now safe at the Solono County Animal Care Shelter in Fairfield.

His owner left a heartbreaking note:

I love you Whisker. I hope God Grant you better suited. Sorry I have to move. I will miss you forever.

Love pop


The person who found Whisker said she had checked with everyone in the school asking if he belonged to anyone. A kind, older gentleman took the dog home for the night, but he was not able to keep him.

He is a very nice well, mannered dog… I hope he gets the home he deserves…Please someone go adopt him asap.. he deserves a nice Family.. 

Facebook conversation

Make sure to check with the shelter as to the required time Whisker will be kept on “stray hold.”

Additional information:


Solano County Animal Care Services.


The shelter is located at 2510 Clay Bank Road in Fairfield, California 94533.

Follow Whisker’s plight here. Please share with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. In addition, there are many more dogs and cats who are also waiting for their dream homes. Please help them too. Sharing saves lives.

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Roadside moose.
Heartwarming rescue of baby duckling.

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18-year-old dog found in Summerville reunited with his family after missing 3 years

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In Dorchester County, South Carolina, a neglected and malnourished dog picked up by a Good Samaritan after he was spotted wandering the streets in Summerville, has been reunited with his family after having been missing for the past three years.

According to the rescue organization, Dorchester Paws, Binky (aka Mr. B) came into the shelter presenting with being severely matted, malnourished, overgrown nails, rotting teeth, covered in fleas and with numerous other medical issues that required immediate attention due to his age.

Binky was completely shaved, received a full medical workup and received life-saving medical treatment. While cleaning him up, the staff scanned for a microchip, to find out that he was someone’s and in fact, his owners lived six hours away from where he was found.

When the owners were contacted, they expressed how Mr. B has been missing for over three years! They were absolutely devastated when he wasn’t found, as they did everything they could but had no luck in finding him. All they hoped for was for him to be found and scanned. They waited by the phone for years, waiting for the phone call that they then received on March 19, 2023. The family was in utter disbelief.


A dedicated volunteer spent the six hour trip getting Binky back to his family. A seemingly impossible journey for a little dog who would never have had a chance finding his real family only happened because he was microchipped.

Please have your pets microchipped.

Check out the video:


To donate to Dorchester Paws, please click here.

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Friendly squirrel.
Roadside moose.

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Nine-year-old girl suing state fair after her pet goat was sold and barbecued even though family tried to withdraw from fair

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When Jessica Long’s family purchased a white Boer baby goat at seven-months of age and took it to their home in Shasta County, California, their young daughter fell in love with the adorable little one and named him Cedar. The two bonded as if the baby goat had been a puppy, and Cedar became a family pet.

The youngster had been enrolled in the local 4-H youth program and in June 2022, the girl took her beloved pet goat to be shown at the Shasta District Fair livestock auction. Even before the auction began, the family decided this wasn’t for them and tried to back out, but officials said the rules prohibited that, and the goat had to be put up for auction.

The goat had been sold at the Shasta District Fair for $902 to a representative of State Senator Brian Dahle. And the little girl’s mom offered to pay the senator back the money he had spent on the goat as well as any expenses he may have accrued. A representative from the senator’s office stated he was “okay with the alternative solution of the goat getting to be donated to a farm that does weed abatement.”

Melanie Silva, the chief executive officer of the Shasta District Fair, however responded and insisted the goat be returned, fearing that saving Cedar would have become a “point of controversy” even though the goat’s family lived in an agricultural community.

And then came a “wild goat chase” as the situation escalated to absurd investigations sending officers hundreds of mile across the country to retrieve a goat a little girl didn’t want to be sold for meat. Less than two weeks later, the Shasta sheriff filed a search warrant in an order to retrieve the goat. When the goat was not at the location they thought, the deputies went to another farm without a search warrant – traveled more than 500 miles in northern California and brought the goat back for “slaughter/destruction” even though the search warrant had required them to hold the goat until a court hearing.

It is believed Cedar was slaughtered and barbecued at a community function.

According to Advancing Law for Animals, Jessica’s family has since filed a federal lawsuit against Shasta District Fair officials and the county, stating it had been an “egregious waste of police resources” and one that violated her and her daughter’s 4th and 14th Amendment rights protecting them from unreasonable searches and seizures, and due process. Long’s family alleged they were always ready to settle the civil suit.

As per the LATimes, this entire debacle was “shocking,” said Ryan Gordon, an attorney with Advancing Law for Animals. “It’s a little girl’s goat, not Pablo Escobar.”

Government officials, escalated a purely civil dispute into a sham criminal pursuit.

Vanessa Shakib, Long’s attorney

In addition, there are other factors involving this sad case of a child’s goat she loved. A child can’t be held to the same standards in law as an adult – Jessica was 9-years-old and wanted her goat to live.

The lawsuit was originally filed in August 2022, but amended this week. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office stated they are not able to respond to pending litigation.

Plaintiffs are represented by Advancing Law for Animals and the Law Offices of Daniel J. Kolde. Advancing Law for Animals is a California-based, nonprofit law firm that specializes in complex and novel issues of animal law.

To donate to the causes of those who cannot speak, please click here.

Read previous coverage here.

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Friendly squirrel likes to visit the family dog.

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UPDATE: Dog shot several times managed to crawl to porch of nearby home for help

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On Monday evening, an officer with ACCT Philly arrived at the 1200 block of South 54th Street responding to a report of a dog supposedly hit by a vehicle. The dog was rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital by the Pennsylvania SPCA, and it was there that physicians discovered the dog had been shot several times.



The dog is believed to have been shot in the street and was able to crawl onto a porch of a nearby home. A Good Samaritan stepped outside, found the dog on the step and quickly called for help. She has been named Alexia and sustained injuries to her muzzle and shoulder areas; the damage to her leg is beyond repair.

On Thursday, Alexia was strong enough to undergo surgery, and at that time her leg was amputated.

Our amazing surgeon, Dr. Nau, completed the procedure, and now Alexia is recovering in our hospital. We are so very hopeful that soon she will be up and moving around on 3 legs.

Facebook Pennsylvania SPCA

The Pennsylvania SPCA continues to ask for the public’s help finding the person(s) responsible for shooting a dog in the Overbrook neighborhood of Philadelphia on Monday night.

To donate to Alexia’s care, please click here.

Read previous coverage of this terrible situation here.

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Friendly squirrel visits his dog friend.

Oh my! That’s a leopard!

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Six two-month-old puppies arrived at shelter in plastic bucket after being abandoned on road

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At the Kentucky Humane Society, six abandoned puppies arrived at the shelter on Thursday in a plastic bucket after a Good Samaritan found the little ones playing in the middle of the road. They are undernourished, covered in fleas and in desperate need of care.

Who could abandon two-month-old defenseless puppies, but that’s a question where there is no answer and leaves every animal lover with a heavy heart just knowing this kind of cruelty occurs too often. These little ones also suffer from tapeworms and tested positive for Coccidia, also known as canine Cystoisospora is a protozoan parasite that can infect the gastrointestinal tract of dogs.

These tiny-celled parasites live in the wall of the intestine. Coccidia is most common in puppies but can also infect adult dogs as well as cats. Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and the inability to drink and eat is highly infectious and life threatening.

The puppies are in critical condition, but are receiving the best care possible.

We will keep everyone updated, but please consider donating in honor of these pups via Facebook or online at kyhumane.org/donate. Right now is an especially powerful time to give, thanks to Janice, a longtime KHS supporter who has offered to match every gift we receive before April 15 up to $21,000! Janice’s generous gift is in loving memory of her mother, Lillian Huffman Cooper, and their beloved rescue animals. Your gift today w


Updates to follow.

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When you choose the calmest puppy in the entire litter.
Squirrel visits Great Dane every day.

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Starving white boxer arrived at woman’s doorstep in need of emergency care

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In the Inland Empire area of Los Angeles, California, a woman posting on social media Thursday afternoon, begged for help with a stray dog that had just taken refuge at her front door. The white boxer was emaciated, and every bone along his spine and ribs was easily visible.

I have him tied up with food and a blanket. I can’t keep him because I have tooooo many dogs already.

Good Samaritan via Facebook post

The heartbreaking photos of the young dog quickly went viral, and animal advocates shared his plight with friends, family, familiar rescue organizations and social media contacts. Promise 4 Paws, a nonprofit animal rescue organization based in South Orange County stepped forward.

Rescuers named the dog Saint and rushed him to the Camino Pet Hospital where he is being administered life saving care and treatment. Even though Saint’s physical condition is likely the result of starvation, neglect and mistreatment, the purebred white boxer is being described as an “absolute love.”

Who treats a dog like this?

It is expected that Saint’s recovery process will come with a large veterinary bill, and supporters are asked to chip in to help give Saint a new lease on life.

This is a developing story.

Updates to follow.

Click here to donate.

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Naughty little ones?
When you choose the calmest puppy in the litter. 😉

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Miracle rescue of dog tied to railroad tracks as train approached

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Thanks to an awesome Animal Care Officer from the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, a dog tied to an active railroad track is safe.

According to the animal welfare organization, on Wednesday, Officer Edwards responded to an urgent 311 call regarding a dog tied to an active railroad track unable to free himself. When the officer arrived, knowing that a train could be roaring down the tracks at anytime, he quickly spotted the dog who was lying on the tracks. As the officer approached, he saw the leash tied around the dog’s neck which was secured to the tracks with a nail and tightening more and more as the dog struggled to free himself.

One can only imagine how frightened the dog was, and he wasn’t ready to trust the officer. Fortunately, Officer Edwards was able to rescue the dog using a humane catch pole, working quickly but quietly to gain the trust of the Labrador retriever in grave danger.

The officer moved quickly as he heard train whistles nearby, and before the two could make it back to the animal transport vehicle, a train zoomed past them.

Although no one is sure if Lucky’s [name given to the dog] leash caught the nail as he walked past or if someone secured him. But we are grateful to those who reported this situation…


Hours later and obviously in a lot less stressful environment, Lucky seems to be feeling better and has been eager to make new friends.

To meet this awesome boy, contact the shelter.

PetHarbor adoption listing:

LUCKY – ID#A669047

I am a male, cream and white Labrador Retriever blend.

The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old.

I was found and am I currently at San Antonio Animal Care Services. If you believe you may be my owner please make arrangements to pick me up as soon as possible by 2pm on 04/01/2023. I will need confirmed adoption, foster or rescue placement by 10 am on 04/02/2023. Adoption, Foster, Rescue, or Owner reclaim Questions: Connect with ACS.

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Maybe a bit too mischievous?

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Pretty face and pretty smile yet young shepherd still waits for someone to notice her

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At the West Los Angeles Animal Services, a four-year-old German shepherd mix still waits for someone to notice her. Her name is “Monkey,” and since October 23, 2022 she has been looking for her family who have never returned – how do you tell a dog their family no longer wants them? After all, Monkey has a microchip, but there was never any response from her people.

Let’s share Monkey on social media and help her find a wonderful, loving family. She weighs 56 pounds, is spayed, possibly house trained, very sweet, beautiful and healthy. According to shelter notes, she is not reactive to other dogs.

Monkey is very sad in her kennel for being totally overlooked for too long! We see you.


Follow Monkey’s plight here.

Monkey’s adoption information here. Make sure to reference #A2057612.

Check out one of her adorable videos:

One more video:
Please share. Monkey deserves better, and as a village we can help her find the home she will love and be loved.

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Fun time!
Maybe not so adorable?

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Amazing: Gray whale that lost its tail figured out a new way to swim on its side

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In California, a gray whale that lost its tail has figured out a unique way to swim and has amazed scientists with its pure grit, ingenuity and will to survive.

According to AbcNewsNewport, the “miracle” fluke was spotted during its migration from Alaska to Mexico and back – a 12,000 mile round trip from their feeding grounds to a whale breeding area.

The whale was seen swimming near Newport Beach at three miles per hour; a typical whale swims about four miles per hour during migration times. The injury is estimated to have happened several years ago and likely was an accident with commercial fishing gear.

The Orange County Register spoke with Newport Coastal Adventure owner Ryan Lawler, who described the whale as using its pectoral flippers and leaning sideways to adjust its swimming and propel ahead. The whale showed no indication that it was in distress and considering its handicap was doing quite well.

As for whales swimming without tails, it has been observed before, but their tails are very important to their movement, and even though some whales survive without them, using their flippers and other adaptive ways to maneuver drains energy and likely shortens their life spans.

Meanwhile, isn’t Mother Nature just full of the mysteries of survival?

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When you choose the calmest puppy in the litter.
Let the fun begin!

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