Dog thrown out of car on busy expressway

June 24, 2017/by Denise Carey-Costa
abandoned dog is out of time

Police found abandoned dog wandering alone in park – he is out of time

June 23, 2017/by Penny Eims
Death row dog

Nobody came to claim beautiful stray – now he is a death row dog

June 22, 2017/by Penny Eims
A face of utter terror

Locked away – dog’s face reveals utter terror

June 21, 2017/by Penny Eims

Walter Matthieu needs a hero: Dumped English bulldog suffering from heat at shelter

June 21, 2017/by Cheryl Hanna
Confused senior hidden from public view

Confused senior hidden from public view only wants to be loved

June 21, 2017/by Penny Eims

Kids and dogs: Heartbreaking scene when mother tells her child the dog ‘is too old to adopt’

June 20, 2017/by Cheryl Hanna
mutilated Doberman

Homeless Doberman mutilated

June 20, 2017/by Penny Eims
17-year-old dog surrendered

17-year-old dog surrendered to animal shelter

June 19, 2017/by Penny Eims
Dog homeless after landlord said that he had to go

Sweet, amazing boy lost home after a week – landlord said he had to go

June 16, 2017/by Penny Eims
Ailing senior dog at busy animal control

Ailing, senior dog held at busy animal control

June 15, 2017/by Penny Eims

Woman surrendered family pet and told her child to take a photo to remember their dog

June 13, 2017/by Cheryl Hanna
Young dog dies Thursday

Young dog, dumped by owner, dies Thursday – he doesn’t stand a chance

June 13, 2017/by Penny Eims
Death row dog found in a storm

Dog found huddled under shed during storm needs out of shelter today

June 12, 2017/by Penny Eims

Desperate to be loved, Labrador abandoned for treatable tick infection

June 12, 2017/by Cheryl Hanna
Senior dogs homeless

Senior dogs homeless after being surrendered by elderly owner

June 11, 2017/by Penny Eims
Confiscated dog smiles and begs for attention

Confiscated dog offers hopeful smile – begs for attention at animal control

June 10, 2017/by Penny Eims
Parasite ridden dog at packed dog pound

Parasite-ridden dog surrendered at dog pound that is completely full

June 9, 2017/by Penny Eims
Dejected old-timer awaits his fate

Dejected old-timer awaits his fate at lonely animal control

June 8, 2017/by Penny Eims
Overlooked death row dog

Completely over-looked death row dog needs to be saved today

June 7, 2017/by Penny Eims

One last drink together – brother left behind is scheduled to be put down today

June 6, 2017/by Penny Eims
Young mother and newborn puppies dumped in shelter night drop box

Young mother dog and newborn puppies dumped in shelter night box

June 5, 2017/by Penny Eims
Friendly but terrified dog dies on Monday

Eager to please, terrified and scheduled to die if she isn’t out by Monday

June 4, 2017/by Penny Eims

UPDATE: Frightened shelter dog just needed to hear ‘you’re a good girl’

June 4, 2017/by Cheryl Hanna

Heartbroken Beagle dumped at shelter to go on vacation but family taking new dog

June 3, 2017/by Cheryl Hanna
Street dogs face dismal fate

Please save my family – street dogs face dismal fate at busy animal control

June 2, 2017/by Penny Eims
Death row dog dumped at animal control again

Death row dog can’t catch a break – adopted and dumped at animal control

June 2, 2017/by Penny Eims

Too old: Lucky’s heart was broken when his family dumped him at shelter

June 1, 2017/by Cheryl Hanna
Photographer captures dog's despair

Photographer captures homeless dog’s despair

June 1, 2017/by Penny Eims
Dog living on borrowed time

Homeless dog, living on borrowed time, still manages to wag her tail

May 31, 2017/by Penny Eims
Surrendered shepherd tried to stay with his owner

Devoted dog doesn’t want to leave owner while being surrendered

May 30, 2017/by Penny Eims
Dog betrayed by fake rescuer

‘Fake’ rescuer pulls dog and then dumps her back at the shelter

May 26, 2017/by Penny Eims
Hurt, scared and out of time

Death row: Scared and hurt at facility that doesn’t keep ‘injured’ dogs

May 24, 2017/by Penny Eims

Save Garvey: Lonely shepherd softly whimpers in his kennel at busy California shelter

May 23, 2017/by Cheryl Hanna
Fearful dog scheduled to die on Saturday

Given no chance, ‘fearful’ dog scheduled to die Saturday morning

May 19, 2017/by Penny Eims
Sad face after reality sets in

This is the face of a dog who realizes she has been left behind

May 18, 2017/by Penny Eims
pup returned when family moved

Pup was adopted at 3 months of age, returned to shelter when family moved

May 17, 2017/by Penny Eims
Owners did not want Otto back

Owners tell shelter that they don’t want their dog back – now he needs help

May 16, 2017/by Penny Eims
14-year-old dog surrendered

14-year-old dog confused after family surrendered due to ‘personal problems’

May 15, 2017/by Penny Eims
old and neglected dog needs help

14-years-old, homeless and neglected – dog needs help

May 14, 2017/by Penny Eims
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