Man slashes throat of neighbor’s dog after attack on his puppy

A Riverside, California man was arrested on Saturday and faces animal cruelty charges for allegedly slitting a neighbor’s dog’s throat after it attacked and killed his ten-month-old poodle puppy. According to LosAngeles CBS, Rudy Jesus Barajas was taken into custody pending a further investigaton.

The tragic events began to unfold on Saturday morning when the owner of a two-year-old pit bull mix came out of her house located on Hollyhock Lane and saw her dog holding a neighbor’s puppy in its mouth by the neck. Barajas and two other neighbors were able to wrestle the puppy free, however the situation did not get resolved when authorities should have been immediately contacted. Instead, Barajas dragged the dog, named Devo, to his house down the street, brought him into the kitchen and slashed the dog’s throat.

Devo escaped and ran back to his home where he collapsed in front of his owner. Sadly Devo died on the way to the veterinary hospital.

Relatives told police the poodle was on his property when Devo entered the yard and attacked. Barajas also contended the dog tried to bite him.

Although California law states residents are allowed to protect their property and themselves when their pets are attacked, officials have decided stabbing  Devo wasn’t necessary since he had already released Spanky; dragging Devo back to his home and slitting his throat were also not deemed defensive actions. The poodle puppy named Spanky later died as a result of her injuries.

(Photo for man slashes throat of neighbor’s dog screenshot Freephotos)

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