No ‘blind eye’ turn from animal advocates as man abused his dog

In Indian Trail, North Carolina, animal advocates don’t sit back nor turn a blind eye and wait for someone else to protect dogs being cruelly treated. On Thursday, Teresa Tucker, co-Founder at Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue received a cellphone text stating:

“‘I’m going to whoop his ass’… My immediate thought was — another emaciated pit bull has been found with spine and ribs sticking thru it’s skin — but no, instead it was THIS!,” stated Teresa as she posted two disturbing photos of a man abusing a small dog.

The two photos sent to Teresa and posted on her Facebook showed a man obviously mistreating a small fluffy dog holding the dog painfully by its collar. As the woman confronted the man insisting he stop abusing his dog, the man told the advocate to mind her own business. The woman then called the Mount Holly Police Department, reported the alleged abuse and waited for authorities to arrive. And all the time the dog owner yelled, screamed, cursed and laughed at the woman determined to protect a frightened little dog.Teresa Tucker 2

“Nothing is going to happen, and I’m just going to be laughing in your f***** face!” the dog owner sneered.

Two hours later, the unidentified man thus far, had been charged with Animal Cruelty as well as two citations for not having required rabies vaccinations for his two pit bulls, two citations for not registering his pit bulls as well as an expired license plate for his vehicle. In addition, the white dog the man had been mistreated allegedly belonged to his live-in girlfriend who packed up her clothes and her dog – and left.

“I think it’s safe to say somebody had a very bad night! Thanks to my buddy who did not turn a blind eye,” stated Teresa. “If you see animal cruelty or animal abuse PLEASE be their voice! I don’t care if a dog runs off 500 times or digs a whole straight thru your $3000 mattress or eats your New York Strip right off of the grill… No dog deserves this! This dog pictured was also bleeding from the mouth so he may have punched him in the face as well. So please make that call if you know or suspect that an animal is being mistreated.”

Be the voices for those who cannot speak. This little dog was likely saved from animal abuse because someone spoke up.

(Photos of no one turned a blind eye to animal abuse via Teresa Tucker’s Facebook)

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