Traveler finds Maltese terrier all alone at airport and uses TikTok to help find owner

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A woman traveling from Frankfort, Germany to Venice, Italy spotted a Maltese terrier all alone at the airport and made that special “connection” to help her reunite with her family.

What better way to help a lost pet than to use a TikTok video staring the lost pooch and asking for help? According to Newsweek, the traveler, Liv Hardwick, who found the dog that “looked lost and confused,” had initially bent down to say hello to the dog. The dog immediately approached Hardwick and didn’t want to leave her side.

Hardwick was concerned about the dog’s welfare; the pooch was matted describing her coat as covered in “dreadlocks,” and she worried about leaving the dog behind when it was time to catch her flight. And after asking around if anyone knew who the dog belonged to, Liv went to the airport police who said they would try to find the owner.

The traveler did board her flight to Italy, but Liv never got the dog out of her mind, and when she planned to return on the 27th of the month, she was already determined to adopt the dog.

Hardwick’s TikTok video indeed went viral, and garnered more than 628,000 views with 1,250 comments offering help and suggestions.

Fortunately, a German federal police officer found the dog’s owner and posted the good news on Twitter.

We at always have the time and energy to write about good news. Hoping this little pup never gets lost again and is happily cuddling with his family.

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