Too chilly: 13-year-old Dachshund felt ‘betrayed’ after family took her to cold cabin

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Is there any doubt in a dog owner’s mind “that look” our dear canine pets give us when they are not happy with our decisions? Take as an example – Darcy, a 13-year-old dachshund who went on vacation with her family to a cabin, but the heat had not been turned on when they all arrived, and Darcy wanted to let them know, this was truly not acceptable.

She looked at her owners with those big brown eyes, and there was no doubt, she was not happy.

Darcy’s displeasure was shared on a Reddit post on the subreddit page r/aww/ reads:

This is the face of a 13-year-old betrayed dachshund.She couldn’t believe our audacity in bringing her to the family cabin in the mountains when it was so much colder there.”


When the family arrived at the cabin, the heat had not been turned on, and according to Newsweek, it was about 30 degrees colder in the mountains than where the family lived.

So as we research a bit more and read more of the Reddit post by scrolling down, “smugmisswoodhouse” wrote that the family had tried over and over again to get her to wear a jacket or sweater, but she always wiggles out of them. Darcy only weighs about seven pounds, and it’s difficult to find something that fits her properly. Still the family made sure she had plenty of blankets, and as can be seen, she is sitting in front of the fireplace, so it would seem to many of us that Darcy just loves the attention.

Does your dog get cold in the winter? Do you put a coat on him/her when you go for walks?

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