Rescue dogs who helped find Turkey earthquake survivors fly home first class status

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Rescue dogs, who have been part of the integral recovery efforts following the Turkey earthquakes, have been flying home in both business and first class airline accommodations, courtesy of Turkish Airlines.

The dogs were moved from cargo where they were initially planned to be crated and transported home, to first class seats in the cabin.

It was the least we could do to show our appreciation for these heroic dogs’ sincere and heroic efforts.

Flying our heroes, the rescue teams along with their dogs, which are let to sit in the cabin for this period

Spokesperson as told to The Independent

Specially trained dogs arrived from Thailand, China, Hungary and Kyrgyzstan to assist the rescue efforts where more than 50,000 people from Turkey and Syria perished.

In Mexico, because the area is prone to earthquakes, the government has their own dogs who have been trained to assist in building collapses and finding survivors beneath debris.

Rescue teams, including the dogs, have been credited with saving 100,000 lives in Turkey. Trained rescue dogs and their handlers arrived from the United States, Israel, El Salvador, Mexico, Qatar, South Korea, China, India, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan and 17 EU countries to help pull survivors to safety.

According to news reports, these dogs, of various breeds, have “boundless energy” and go until they are too tired to continue. These dogs can cover large areas with their acute sense of smell to detect people trapped under the rubble.

In addition to flying the dogs home, Turkish Airlines has also offered free flights to evacuees as well as transporting medical supplies, food, clothing, tents, generators and other needed supplies. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million people are living in disaster areas with barely any safe shelters.

The airline has donated more than $100 million towards rescue efforts. Rescue teams continue to help displaced citizens as well as their pets get resettled.

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Mom carries her puppy across the street to safety.

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