Railroad engineer stopped to save frightened pug on tracks

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In Rutland, England, a railroad engineer stopped his train on Wednesday when he spotted a tiny black dog trembling in fear and trying to hide in the bushes alongside the railroad tracks.

According to BBCNews, the pup had run away from her home after she had been scared by a speeding car. Her owners, Dawn and Ian Bain, had been worried with fright trying to find her and had been searching all night.

The next morning, Michael Jones, the very astute train driver, had spotted a red collar in a hedge alongside of the railroad track, and then saw the tiny little face looking up at him. He quickly jumped out of the cab and rushed back to find her. And in just a few minutes, there was Poppy, frozen in fear and only about a mile from her home.

Jones picked Poppy up in his arms and drove back with her on his lap. He took her home and gave her water and food, and then notified his local veterinarian to ask if anyone reported a pug missing.

In the meantime, Dawn had walked down to the train station and asked attendants if they had seen a black pug, and soon the good news about Poppy’s rescue had been relayed to her relieved owner. Poppy got another ride in Michael’s lap back to her home with special permission to stop in Oakham where Dawn waited for Poppy and the hero engineer on the platform.

The best news – Poppy was safe and healthy, and she’s back with her humans. Of course, we have another hero – thank you Michael Jones; you rock.

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