Puppy trapped in San Antonio sewer rescued after 8 hours

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An adorable puppy was pulled to safety by rescuers after spending eight hours trapped in a San Antonio sewer line on Wednesday. The puppy had reportedly been playing with two other pups in the family’s front yard when they all fell into an open clean-out valve.

According to the Twitter post, two of the puppies were immediately able to be pulled up by rescuers from the San Antonio Fire Department, however the last puppy had crawled deeper into the sewer line making it more difficult to reach him.

It was then rescuers notified the heroes at the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) for help. The skilled employees used a camera to help rescuers slowly nudge the puppy 200 feet back to the street opening. The entire operation took nearly eight hours, but the rescue was a success.

The puppy was named “Pipa” – appropriately so! The other rescuers dubbed her “Damsel.” All of these people are heroes!

The San Antonio Animal Care Services rushed Pipa to a nearby veterinarian for a checkup before returning her to her owners.

Check out the video:

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