Mom and puppy heartbroken when no one shows up for pup’s playdate

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Parties and play dates have become so popular again, and of course so necessary in today’s times after social distancing kept our children and our pets apart from having fun.

And so one afternoon, Ranger, an exuberant black Labrador puppy, had his mom’s help organizing a play date – guaranteed to be lots of fun chasing toys and each other and expending some of that seemingly never ending young canine energy. That all seemed great, and TikTok user @rangersmomma11522, Maggie invited seven other dogs to join Ranger at the park.

Oh no, and how it saddens all of us – especially Ranger. No one showed up!

Check out the video:

“Oh no! This hurt my heart. if ever you come to NYC, Ranger I promise we’ll play all day,” one commenter wrote after she watched Ranger eagerly awaiting other dogs to join his playdate. The heartbreaking video garnered nearly 100,000 views.

Well, since then, Maggie has thanked everyone for their support, and she continues to bring Ranger to dog parks, hoping he will meet some friends. We hope you meet some playful canine friends too – very soon Ranger. You surely are adorable.

Check it out here:


Ww also migjr be getting a new roomate soon who has a dog as well!!! Thabk you everyone for showing ranger love, he was and still is very upset and im trying my hardest ❤️ #southcarolina #dogmomsofsouthcarolina #puppymoms #playdate #puppyplaydate #sadpuppy #myrtlebeach #conway #conwaysouthcarolina #myrtlebeachsouthcarolina #dogmomlife #fyp #sweetbaby #pitbullsoftiktok #labmixesoftiktok #lovedpuppy

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Mom to the rescue.

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  1. If Ranger and his family are ever in Washington state, they can play with my puppy pack!!! Our furbabies are very social and love to play😀😀😀


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