Miraculous rescue: Dog found 23 days under Turkey rubble

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In Hatay, Turkey, a dog was rescued on Wednesday, 23 days after the deadly earthquake destroyed the entire area where more than 50,000 people perished.

Video of the rescue showed a team crawling and pushing away rocks and stones under the remains of fallen buildings calling out the dog’s name of Alex, just as one of the rescuers is able to pull the husky into his arms. The pup, with the striking blue eyes, appeared to be very weak and in shock. He was given food and water, and has since been transferred to Turkey’s Federation of Animal Rights.

Later in the day, a follow-up video was posted on Twitter showing how much better Alex was feeling.

Osman Polat, a volunteer from Turkey’s Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP) told the state-run Anadolu News Agency that Alex is in good general condition even though he lost a lot of weight.

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