Woman accused of throwing crated young cat into a river

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A woman in Oak Hill, Florida, was arrested after she allegedly threw her ex-boyfriend’s young cat into a river. As reported by Click Orlando, 53-year-old Christina Thistle is charged with animal cruelty after she allegedly hurled a crate, containing a nine-month-old cat named Stanley, into the water on August 19.

Thistle and her now ex-boyfriend were said to be arguing about the man “not moving out quick enough” following their break-up. Thistle apparently took her anger out on the man’s cat. Fortunately, Stanley’s crate was pulled from the water before tragedy struck.

When police arrived, the man was holding the cat in a towel. Volusia County deputies arrested Thistle at a mobile home park. The woman allegedly stated, in front of deputies, that she wanted to be taken to jail so she could “make a phone call, bond out and murder” her ex-boyfriend.

Thistle has a history of domestic violence.

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