Woman accused of keeping nearly 50 animals in ‘horrendous’ conditions

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A 76-year-old woman in Erie, Pennsylvania, is accused of keeping nearly 50 dogs and cats in conditions described as “horrendous.” The woman behind the cruel situation, at a residence on Lighthouse Street, is identified as Diane Eggleston. As reported by GoErie, Eggleston has a history of “similar behavior.”

In late May, officials rescued 30 dogs and 17 cats from Eggleston’s home – the terrible conditions were discovered after a neighbor called animal control to report that a woman was seen in the backyard, stomping on a dog’s head. When animal control officers arrived, they could see cages stacked inside of the residence – most had two animals per cage, and the animals were surrounded by urine and feces.

Eggleston is facing dozens of charges stemming from the investigation, including, “a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals; two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and neglect of animals; 46 charges of neglect of animals for lack of shelter and protection; and 41 charges of neglect of animals for lack of veterinary care.”

On Thursday, the Erie Humane Society posted video from Erie News Now. The reporter on scene tells viewers that another 20 animals, including cats, rabbits, rats and guinea pigs, were discovered. Erie News Now posted to social media:

Animal enforcement officers are back on the scene of a house on Lighthouse Street where they have confiscated more animals from a woman already facing 90 cruelty charges.

Those familiar with the woman hope to see her forbidden from ever having animals again.

In June, the Erie Humane Society updated Facebook followers about the animals that were taken in after being seized:

Our dogs and cats from the Lighthouse St hoarding case are doing excellent and making great progress in their treatment and recovery. Several have entered foster homes and more will be coming available for adoption soon. The community support for EHS during this case has been immeasurable and we are so grateful. Thank you for believing in our mission to Rescue • Rehabilitate • Rehome.

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