She was tied to a fire department with a note that she was dying, but that’s not where her story ends

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Not long ago, a beautiful golden retriever was tied to the door of a fire department in Pennsylvania, with a note explaining that her name was Marley, and that she was “dying from Lyme disease.” Thanks to some sleuthing by the Grove City Pet Rescue, more information about the abandoned dog was discovered.

The animal welfare agency writes:

I got a call from the fire dept around midnight and picked her up. Marley was thin and had bad diarrhea. Someone who saw her story the day after we got her said they saw an ad for Marley on Craigslist, her owner was trying to rehome her. With a little detective work I was able to find out who her owner was.

It was determined that Marley was a “breeding” dog who had delivered her last litter of pups approximately four months before she was abandoned. The rescue group continued:

Marley was taken to Whispering Pines, she had a severe case of whipworms and of course she tested positive for Lyme Disease. She was treated for both and was cleared for her spay surgery in June.

Fast forward to today – Marley is living in a “fantastic home” where she enjoys being pampered and spoiled each and every day. Sometimes there are happily ever afters.

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