Man arrested for cruelty after being caught punching tethered dog

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A man in Weatherford, Texas, was arrested for repeatedly punching his tethered dog. As reported by CBS News, 28-year-old Sean Thomas Sloan was arrested by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies after a neighbor caught him abusing a three-year-old husky dog named Shy.

Thanks to cell phone video captured by the neighbor, the authorities were able to see Sloan “aggressively grabbing” his tethered dog, and then repeatedly striking the dog in the face and next with a “closed fist.” The video also showed Sloan shoving Shy’s face into the ground as the dog tried to escape. The dog eventually got away from Sloan and ran to hide underneath a house.

When deputies questioned Sloan, he claimed that the dog was only “slapped” by him a few times because the dog “ate half a chicken.” Deputies found the chicken at the home – it had one puncture wound, but was walking around with other chickens at the residence, seemingly free from serious harm.

Sloan was arrested and booked into the Parker County Jail on a charge of cruelty to non-livestock animals; torture. Animal control took Shy into protective custody and the dog was taken to a veterinarian for care.

(Booking photo)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Wow…they really arrested him right away based on video? I am SHOCKED the sheriff didn’t claim there was nothing they could do, as THAT IS the TEXAN way after all, isn’t it. Perhaps they’re realizing that putting LAW ABIDING citizens in harms way ALL the TIME is not good practice? I sure hope the REST of Texas looks to this as a GREAT example of how a DEMOCRACY based on RULE of LAW ACTUALLY works.


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