Groomer sentenced following death of client’s dog

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Last week, a dog groomer in Elk Grove, California, was sentenced to jail time after being charged with felony animal cruelty following the death of a client’s dog. As reported by the Sacramento Bee, Stephanie Frentz, owner and operator of Soapy Paws grooming services, was sentenced to 180 days in jail and two years of probation for the death of Rosco, who died on May 29, 2020.

The miniature schnauzer was strangled to death after falling from a grooming table and not being attended to quickly. Frentz is also accused of not being “forthcoming” about Rosco’s death after the fact.

In addition to jail and probation, Frentz is forbidden from grooming animals for the next 10 years.

Sacramento DA press release about this sentence here.

(Stock image of dog being groomed via Pixabay/not the dog from this story)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Thank you JUDGE! It’s about TIME that judges get CURRENT with sentences MATCHING the EGREGIOUS abuse/torture of OUR companion animals happening on a DAILY basis from almost EVERY CORNER. WHY? Because they’ve come to LEARN from judges that they can get away with it by crying and saying I’m sorry. Can’t even fucking hire a pet sitter without having to worry that they’re beating the animal, then being FORCED to buy cameras to “watch” everyone just so we can SAVE our pets from DEMON spawned VILE THUGS. I blame it on these lazy judges AND PARENTS who NEVER discipline their offspring and NEVER make them TAKE responsibility for THEIR ACTIONS. YOUR OWN children are NOW JAIL bound because of YOU! HELLO!


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