UPDATE: Shepherd tortured and neglected most of his life on long road to recovery

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Zeus had been dumped at a rural Texas shelter after suffering from years of neglect and abuse. For his entire life, he had been ignored and without any words, the dog’s utter defeat showed in his sad eyes. The shelter didn’t have much of a choice as to Zeus’ destiny, however Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped in just in time.

The emaciated dog with oozing sores and a lack of fur was immediately transferred to the rescue organization’s veterinarian hospital partner where he remains.

“Sadly he also suffers from a severe limp on his hind legs, we can only attribute  to him sustaining some type of severe trauma, either hit by a car or hit by a human. We thought he was limping from his long nails but that is not the case,” Zeus’ updated health review stated.

Zeus will likely require surgery to repair his severe injuries. And although he looks so sad and depressed, it is hoped through good nutrition, excellent veterinary care and lots of love, this dog’s transition to the healthy, beautiful German shepherd he was meant to be, will result in years of him loving life.

Many thanks to everyone who have donated to Zeus; more updates to follow. His original story can be read here.

Please help Zeus and donate to his medical care ..

UPDATES to follow.

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Such a sweet parrot!



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