Family mourns loss of beloved dog, killed by man with bow & arrow

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A family in Carver County, MN, is mourning the loss of their year-old Great Pyrenees, Reba, who was shot through the neck by a bow hunter earlier this week. As reported by KSTP News, Reba had wandered onto neighboring property when Ben Schroeder shot her with an arrow. Schroeder told the news agency that he killed Reba because she was chasing deer, but another hunter saw what happened, and denied that the dog was chasing anything.

Reba belonged to the Swanson family, who considered her not only a companion, but a protector to the family’s other pets. Bria Swanson explained just what the young dog meant to her family, stating:

My brother passed away last August, the summer we had gotten Reba, and so she was my mom’s baby, she had Reba as her support and Reba made her feel safe at home, she also protected all of our other pets.”

The man who killed Reba has admitted that he made a mistake and he has stated that he regrets his “split-second” decision to kill the dog. But regret will not bring Reba back. DNR is investigating to see if there will be any charges or fines for Reba’s death.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    That poor precious little treasure. She didn’t deserve to die because of some incredibly disgusting stupid POS (who has earned himself a reserved space in the hottest part of Hell to burn for all eternity)……

    If that POS were my neighbor, I would hire a good attorney and sue him into financial oblivion……..

    I would also pressure the authorities for criminal charges…….. this POS deserves jail time and certainly should have all his weapons confiscated because what if he had hit a child or an adult??? Totally disgusting………


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