Woman refuses to return 11-year-old dog to owner after caught on video carrying pooch away

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In Chicago, the beloved 11-year-old Chihuahua/ShihTzu mix belonging to Yesenia Aguayo remains missing after ten days. The dog named Wendy, has since been spotted, but the woman she was last seen with has not returned the dog, and Aguayo is pleading for Wendy’s safe return.

According to CbsNews, on October 3, Yesenia let Wendy outside for a bathroom break, but when the dog didn’t return, she knew something was amiss. After checking her surveillance videos, she saw a woman carrying the tiny pooch away and had no idea who the woman was or why she would take her dog.

Yesenia called the Bensenville Police Department and local veterinarians, but no one had seen the dog. And then she shared Wendy’s photo on social media with no results, but shortly after she received a phone call from a veterinary hospital about 20 miles away. A staff member told Yesenia someone had brought in her lost dog and wanted to reunite the pup with her family. Unfortunately when the time came to return Wendy, no one showed up or contacted Yesenia.

Security video at the vet’s office captured images of the woman carrying Wendy, and they have since been shared on social media hoping to discover the person’s identity.

It is the policy of the VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital to routinely scan for microchips whenever a lost or found dog is brought in for an examination. They are working with authorities to help the family find Wendy.

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