Family devastated – someone fatally shot their beloved horse with a shotgun

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A family in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, is grappling with the unexpected death of their beloved horse, P-Dab, who was fatally shot in his pasture in December.  As reported by Go Upstate, the 16-year-old horse was shot with a shotgun and now the authorities are trying to determine who is responsible for his death.

P-Dab’s owners found him with horrible injuries; his owner, Allan Harmon, tells the news agency:

When I found him he was still standing. Somebody walked up to the fence when he was on the other side and shot him on the right side of his face and neck. A neighbor heard a gunshot that night (Dec. 6) at around 11:10 p.m. and wondered who would be shooting a gun at that time of night.”

Jamie Nelson, director of Spartanburg County Environmental Control, tells Go Upstate that there were no other horses in the area who were harmed. Nelson told the news agency:

“Somebody knows something and they need to speak out. It was cruel and senseless what somebody did to this horse.”

P-Dab was shot at close range and his injuries were so severe that he had to be euthanized. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to reach out to Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement at 864-596-3582.

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4 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    While it grieves me greatly this family has to endure a tragic, senseless MURDER of a beloved pet, they are reaping what THEY HAVE SOWN. The “good, law abiding citizens” of S.C. allow vile thugs to continue to run their police, animal control and judges. ALL of which can be VOTED out, have they done that AFTER THOUSANDS of the SAME acts…..NO! Rather, who ever did this WILL GET AWAY with impunity. Even IF the demon is arrested, at best they’ll be charged with a misdemeanor, avoid ANY jail time, NO fines, and set free to do it AGAIN, while the presiding judge will smile at the thug and wish him/her well on future murders. At worst, they will bear NO responsibility. God sees ALL, S.C., and FORGETS nothing.

  2. Debra Davis says:

    People don’t have any thing to do but kill people’s pets. I hope the maggot gets caught and get his karma back real fast. Get a job. Find something constructive to do. If the person killed the horse,he will be bragging about it. I hope they find him.Apparently the man does not have a pet.Sorry pathetic maggot.

  3. Marguerite White says:

    I hope this evil bastard does get caught causing this family and horse so much harm,why should any animals or humans suffer for evil scum,they should get evil back on them.Sorry this horse and family have lost their lovely horse this way..I know this does not make sense but I have been reading Doris Stokes (the Medium)Compendium and this book is comforting when you lose loved animals and people.RIP


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