16 emaciated dogs, held on heavy chains, rescued from life of misery

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Over a dozen malnourished dogs, living a life of misery on the end of heavy chains in Washington County, Texas, are embarking on a new life. On Thursday, the Houston SPCA let Facebook followers know that 16 dogs had been rescued from dismal conditions.

The animal welfare agency said:

16 starving dogs, many bound by heavy chains, were rescued from a property in Washington County today by the Houston SPCA investigations team and Washington County Sheriff’s Office. They’ve arrived at our campus and are receiving veterinary exams and nutritional care.

Adam Reynolds, Chief Animal Cruelty Investigator at the Houston SPCA, said:

“We know that dogs in rural areas are often used for security and while that is not against state law, it’s obvious these animals are suffering from severe neglect. Adding, “Simply picking up the phone or going online to report this kind of abuse will save lives.”

You have the power to change a horrible situation by speaking up. If you live in this area, you can report cases of animal cruelty and/or neglect to (713) 869-SPCA or at www.houstonspca.org.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Yet another sadistic TEXAN NAZI puke showing just how GREAT they are…..NOT! Ever wonder what makes people in “certain” states rotten to the core and LOOKING for NEW ways to be COMPLETELY BARBARIC? And the kicker? The public record for MOST of THESE TEXANS’ arrested for animal abuse SHOWS they’re EVANGELICAL and go to church. Not making this up, they boast about going to church. SMH! Wonder WHAT bible they’re reading? The one I read says God will be furious with these acts. And repeatedly? How do you explain THAT to Him? You can NOT. Better wise up or YOU SADISTS will be reincarnated as a dog in the worst areas of say, Africa, India, oh I know RUSSIA.


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