woman charged after neglected horses found

Woman charged after 5 neglected and ailing horses found

An Ohio woman is facing charges following the discovery of five neglected and ailing horses at her Madison Township property. According to a news release, the horses’ owner, identified as Elizabeth J. Kidd, is facing three counts of cruelty to non-companion animals due to the living conditions of 3 horses that were found confined to a barn with no air circulation, no access to food or water, and for failure to seek appropriate medical care for a severely injured horse.

Kidd claimed that the injured horse was under the care of a veterinarian, but the veterinarian confirmed that he had not provided the horse with care for over a year. Animal Friends Humane Society, the agency overseeing the care of the seized horses, described the grievous injuries on one horse:

The injured horse, a 3-4 year old stud, was found with an open and infected wound to his face from allegedly impaling himself on one of the gates in the barn. The horse was found anemic and lethargic, with several open wounds on his face and legs, and a large ulcer on his tongue.


The vet has confirmed that the horse’s facial nerve was severed during the impalement, which has resulted in his face being permanently paralyzed on the left side. Due to not being able to blink his left eye from the paralysis, a corneal ulcer has formed, so that eye will need removed in the near future to allow him more comfort.

The horses are still part of the official investigation. The shelter stated:

All 5 horses are being held as evidence until the case is resolved, but a request is being made to the judge in hopes of getting the horses released to our care permanently

Donations for care can be mailed to:

Animal Friends Humane Society
1820 Princeton Road
Hamilton, OH 45011

Or at this link.

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Beyond disgusting and cruel to ignore anyone in obvious pain……

    This POS has a reserved spot in Hell waiting for her where she will burn forever for her cruelty……

    I hope all 5 horses are rehomed to the rescue group and that they all recover ASAP……


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