shelter dog intentional cruelty

Shelter receives skeletal dog who is victim of intentional cruelty

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On Monday, a North Carolina animal shelter announced that a skeletal dog, the apparent victim of intentional cruelty, had been taken in. The Yancey County Humane Society posted images of the gaunt dog, and an emotional post about the ongoing cases of animal cruelty in the area:

Last week 2 dogs were killed, stuffed in bags and thrown down the river bank. Today this dog came in. We aren’t sure how it was still alive. But oh no! We don’t need any laws in Yancey County to protect them do we?

In an effort to get across the need for animal protection ordinances in the area, the shelter has announced that they will continue to post all images showing animal victims of neglect and cruelty. The shelter writes:

If you are one of those residents of the county or one of our political leaders who thought we didn’t need any ordinances, we hope you have this image burned in your brain tonight as you try to go to sleep. From here on we intend to post every picture of every abused animal we get in the shelter. And before you ask…this dog DID NOT get this way just from being lost for a few days or weeks. A dog out on it’s own will find food somewhere. Someone did this.

The fate of this starved dog remains to be seen. Follow the Yancey County Humane Society on Facebook here.

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    • Mandy says:

      Hey Jan! I am a resident of Yancey County. Our Humane society can always use donations! Go to the Facebook page link up above and im sure there is a link on their page to where you can make donations! Thank you for caring about our animals!


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