Chiropractor facing charges for shooting neighbor's dog

Well-known chiropractor charged after shooting neighbor’s dog while at party

A well-known chiropractor in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, is facing felony animal cruelty charges after he opened fire on a neighbor’s loose dog. As reported by TribLive, on October 1, 46-year-old James V. Scirotto was at a birthday party in Monessen when a neighbor’s dog approached and allegedly started barking at attendees.

According to the complaint, Scirotto pulled a handgun out of his pants and began firing at the dog, who had escaped from his home a few doors down. Witnesses stated that the man “chased the dog” back to its home and shot him again while he was in his own yard, reports WPXI News.

The five-year-old dog, Honda, was seriously injured and had to undergo lifesaving surgery.

Monessen Officer Mike Hummel, who filed the complaints, noted that Scirotta smelled like alcohol at the time of the incident, and was slurring his speech. Scirotta claims that the dog was aggressive, and tells TribLive that there are “several gross, false accusations” in the criminal complain; he has hired at attorney.

The chiropractor is facing multiple charges, including aggravated cruelty to animals, recklessly endangering another person, public drunkenness and dangerous discharge of a firearm in a residential area.

(Screenshots via WPXI News)

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  1. Pennys dachshunds says:

    What an Arrogant POS!!! Success, Money , and Downright Evil This Ethnic Professional is over the Top… That dog didn’t deserve That!!!


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