Update: Police searching for woman who put dog in dryer in viral video

Laughing woman placed dog in dryer
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Police in Dallas, Texas, are actively seeking information about the woman seen on video putting a small dog into a dryer and turning the machine on. On Monday, the police issued a statement about the potential cruelty case:

 “The Dallas Police Department, along with Dallas Animal Services, is aware of the video circulating on Social Media regarding a dog being placed in a clothes dryer.  Detectives are working jointly with the Department’s Fusion Center to locate the female in the video.”

The video which sparked the investigation shows a woman laughingly placing a small dog into a dryer and turning it on. With apparent glee, she allows the machine to run for 7-8 seconds…the dog can be heard thumping loudly inside of the dryer until she opens the door.  The dog runs away from the girl after being removed and he appears to be frightened of her.


The woman has since deleted her Instagram account where the now viral video was initially posted.

Anyone with information about this woman is asked to reach out to Detective Hannah Tamez at 214-329-8944.

Prior article about this situation here.

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  1. Some POSs should NOT have pets (or children)…… She has a reserved spot in Hell waiting where she will burn forever for her cruelty…….

    I hope that she is found, arrested, locked up for a very long time and that poor, precious little treasure is rehomed into a loving furever family…….

  2. LEWISVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Lewisville Police Department is investigating after a video surfaced online showing a girl putting a dog inside a clothes dryer and turning it on.

    Detectives have identified the the girl in the video, but aren’t releasing her name since she’s a teenager and hasn’t been charged.


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