Two people arrested after horse collapsed on street in blazing sun

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Two people were arrested on Saturday evening after a horse collapsed in front of a crowd of people near the Principality Stadium in Cardiff city in Wales. The female pony fell to the ground in the blazing heat of the afternoon, while two women came to her aid.

According to Wales Online, a video shared on Twitter showed women trying to get the pony to her feet.

“In Cardiff, Wales. I am so very sad. In front of the stadium watching this unfold…”

It isn’t clear who the pony belonged to; a carriage frame stood next to where the horse collapsed and on it was a handwritten sign that read:

“Free to a home.”

Jeanette Cook had been at the scene and described what had occurred:

“I’ve just helped rescue a horse from a bunch of gypsy’s
Who let the poor pony go down twice with heatstroke while the owners were in the pub  (this poor thing was down over an hour);
The Police or the rspca didn’t even help myself and 3 other ladies get her up (we practically had to lift her) and put her in the horse box.”

Sandra Kvaerneng Stolp, the owner of Whispering Willows Sanctuary rescued the horse and was able to load her into the carrier, reporting that the horse had been munching on hay on the way back to the sanctuary. Just days before, Stolp had been asked to help with another pony that had collapsed.

Many thanks to Jeanette Cook for helping those who cannot speak for themselves.

(Photos via Facebook Jeanette L. Cook)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Many thanks, prayers and blessings to the Great Samaritans!


    Does the horse need donations?


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