Pitch fork attack

Man sentenced for brutal pitch fork attack on family dog

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A Washington man who brutally attacked a dog with a pitch fork has been sentenced. As reported by Q13 News, 37-year-old Christopher J. McCabe was sentenced to 364 days in jail with 261 days credited for time served under a plea deal for his 2017 attack on a black Labrador retriever mix named Lola.

McCabe’s sentence was the maximum allowed under his plea deal – he pleaded guilty to Animal Cruelty in the first degree and Misdemeanor Harassment-Domestic Violence.

The attack

McCabe’s estranged wife discovered the abuse after finding images on Instagram of the dog, covered in blood, in a bathtub. Officers who responded to the man’s King County, Washington, home found the injured dog, named Lola, with multiple stab wounds. The dog was still in the bathtub and her accused abuser tried to run away from the house. McCabe was apprehended a short time later by a police officer.

The accused man provided a bizarre explanation for hurting Lola – stating that ‘God had given him insight and that dogs contained evil spirits and referenced a scripture in the Bible, Matthew 8:31, which is when Jesus casted demons out of man and into a herd of pigs’.

Amazingly, Lola managed to survive her injuries – she has recovered and is now living in a new home.

The rest of the sentence

In addition to the jail sentence, McCabe is prohibited from owning any pets for the rest of his life and he has been ordered to pay $1,000. A spokesperson for Pasado’s Safe Haven stated:

“We wish McCabe would have had to serve the maximum penalty for this horrendous crime, but Pasado’s Safe Haven is now more motivated that ever to continue our efforts working with law enforcement and prosecutors so that violent offenders like this will absolutely be held accountable for crimes against animals.”

(Image of McCabe via Q13 screenshot)

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  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    This SOB is a direct decedent OF Satan HIMSELF and the Pitchfork his weapon of Choice!!! Hell is where he belongs for Eternity! The family and their lovely dog are fortunate HE DID NOT KILL THEM ALL!!! May he find him way home to HELL SOONER THAN LATER!!!


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