South Carolina dog vanishes in attempted break-in

A South Carolina dog vanished seventeen days ago in what appears to be a botched attempted burglary. Now her family is living every dog owner’s nightmare.

It all started on the evening of September 27, 2019 on Meadowfield Road in Gaston, South Carolina. Lori Knight and her husband, who both volunteer as rescue animal transporters returned home after doing a transport. When they left the home earlier that day, the house was secure.

When they drove up, they noticed their side gate, which has a lock on it had been pushed out, not inward as if someone was escaping from the yard.  Even more suspicious, their front door was wide open and both of their dogs, Tessa, a ten-year-old pit bull mix and Titan, a husky were both missing.  Even more disturbing, Tessa’s fur and blood were on the gate.

In piecing together the information, it is believed the person or persons attempted to go into the front door, met up with the dogs and then ran out the gate; which is why it was pushed outward. The dogs, Tessa and Titan took off running also.

Shortly after they started looking for the dogs, Titan was seen walking up the road, limping but Tessa was not with him. This struck the Knights as odd because Titan and Tessa were inseparable. He would never have left her behind. They think Tessa’s adrenaline was going so strong, she ran for miles and now can’t seem to find her way home.

Since September 27, Lori Knight and her husband have been searching day and night for Tessa. The search has gone through neighborhoods and deeply wooded areas.  Recent rains have hindered the search.

The family has also put up fliers everywhere, knocked on doors to see if anyone had seen Tessa and enlisted the help of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Office and Lexington County Animal Services.

What concerns the family the most is, Tessa just had surgery ten days ago and has twenty staples down her back. She needs medication and medical treatment. By now, she must be tired, exhausted and scared. Lori Knight put out a request to anyone who might see Tessa, asking that they not call, chase or approach her, but to call the Knights instead.  If people encounter her while driving, please stay in the vehicle and call the Knights.

It’s very strange that not one person has seen her since that night. It’s like she just vanished into thin air.

She may be in hiding somewhere in the woods, too frightened to come out, or someone has her in their home.  She is micro-chipped so if someone found her, they could easily have returned her to her owners. If she is lost, then every day she is getting further and further from home and weaker.

The Knights are living a nightmare every day that Tessa is not returned safely. They know she is out there, and she is trying so hard to find her way home. They are not going to give up.

Tessa’s reward poster going to give up their search until she comes home.

They have put out an offer for a reward; no questions asked- just please bring Tessa home.

If you know Tessa’s whereabouts, please call the Knights at 423-327-0210.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Keeping these people in our prayers and hope Tessa is found safe and sound. When I think of what could have happened to her it breaks my heart.


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