cat abused by children

Community cat severely injured by children who kicked and tormented him

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A “community cat” in Spokane, Washington, is suffering from serious injuries allegedly the result of abuse by children. On Tuesday, SCRAPS, an animal protection agency in Spokane, introduced Facebook followers to the abused cat, whose name is Achilles.

The agency recounted Achilles’ abuse:

Achilles was brought to us today after suffering brutal physical abuse: the man who brought him to us found him being tormented and kicked by children in an alleyway.

The person who found Achilles recognized the offending children as attendees of Logan Elementary School on Montgomery Avenue – the names of the children were not known, however. The man who found Achilles reports that the cat is a “long-time community cat” who greets everyone with affection. In fact, despite suffering horrible abuse and pain, Achilles purred and rubbed his head into the hands of the people at the shelter.

The shelter described the horrible injuries that Achilles sustained:

Achilles’ pelvis was dislocated from his spine and his right hip was dislocated. His odds of recovering are 50/50 💔–only time will tell if his body can and will heal, after which he’ll need surgery to repair his hip.

Anyone with information about this cruelty case is asked to email the shelter at: or call them at 509-477-2532.

Donations can be sent to the shelter at this link.

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  1. Laurette says:

    I hope someone in the community adopt him and keep him indoors and save. He’s no longer save in the community if they have psychopath children in the town.
    Children who abuse and kill animals grow up to be deadly psychopaths.
    When this children are found thy need intense therapy and severe punishment and constant monitoring. If young children start disappearing good chance they will be behind it.


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