Cow butchered while still alive

Sick! Man took part in butchering a cow while it was alive and got community service only

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A man who took part in subjecting a cow to unimaginable pain and suffering has been given a pitiful and rather sickening sentence. As reported by 7 News, 34-year-old Anthony Spencer was part of a group of people who butchered a cow while it was still alive – the animal was conscious as its leg and loin were cut away.

Despite the despicable nature of the crime, and the extreme pain and suffering it caused the cow, Spencer was not sentenced to jail, but instead, ordered to complete 150 hours of community service.

The horrible details

Spencer pleaded guilty to stealing meat from a cow that was butchered last July. As reported by the Daily Star, he has denied allegations that he was the one who actually began slaughtering the cow – admitting to standing by and watching the cruel situation instead.

Two other people, identified as Angela Wood, 24, and Roy Young, 25, also took part in the heinous act of cruelty – they have pleaded guilty to their charges and were sentenced to three months in jail.

According to witnesses, the incident, which took place in the Northern territory of Australia, began with an attempt to stun the cow with the blunt end of an ax beforehand, but the animal regained consciousness and woke to its body being cut apart. Pastoralists informed the authorities that they had “never seen an animal in such distress.” The cow had to be shot in order to ease its suffering.

(Image via Pixabay)

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