Laughing woman placed dog in dryer

Police have located girl who put dog in dryer and have information about the dog

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A woman who gained notoriety after posting a disturbing video of her putting a small dog into a dryer, and turning the machine on, has been located and identified by police in Texas. An investigation led the authorities in Lewisville.

On August 12, the Lewisville Police Department stated:

The Dallas Police Department initially took the case. DPD officers met with our investigators and provided all of the information they gathered in this case. Through their diligent work, DPD identified the individual involved. 

According to the authorities, the woman is a minor and they will not be releasing her name because of her age. The department explains:

We will not publicly identify her as she is a minor. Our investigation into the case is in its early stages. The case is being investigated as Cruelty to non-livestock animals. No other information will be provided at this time. Due to the age of the person involved, few details in this case may be released.

On Tuesday, the department stated that the small dog who was put into the dryer was taken to a veterinarian:

Upon completion of the exam, the vet released the dog to the rightful owner. Further investigation into the dog’s physical condition continues.


We are awaiting the veterinarian’s report before releasing any information on the dog’s condition.
Once the investigation is complete, the case will be forwarded to the Denton County District Attorney for any prosecution.

Prior article about this situation here.

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5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Wow lot of information here, can’t release girls name, can’t release dog’s condition. I do hope they punish this girl, putting a dog in a dryer is a disgusting act of cruelty!

  2. Dee says:

    Yeah the poor little dog was probably released to the poor little minors mother so this little minor still has Access to this dog and she will do something horrible again the dog should be taken out of that household in my opinion

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    I think this dog should be rehomed ASAP before this POS daughter does anything else horrible….. She needs counseling and lock up……. what she did was absolutely disgusting, cruel and VERY dangerous……

    If she were MY daughter, there would have been some serious negative consequences for her………

  4. Sherry Mainquist says:

    Maybe if the parents were held accountable for their daughter’s actions she’d be a better person…We can’t spank our children society says….well if the parents spent a few days in jail it would open up their eyes to how disrespectable their daughter is to animals…. and I’d bet she’s hurt others in the past and children too. This isn’t her 1st time…just the 1st getting caught…must of been in need of some real attention. She got it!!!


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