Dogs found tortured and killed

Man horrified to find his dog hanging from metal pole in yard

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Earlier this week, a man was horrified to find his dog hanging from a metal pole in the yard. As reported by the Athens Banner Herald, 40-year-old Marshall Lee Shubert found his dog, Big Boy, hanging from a decorative plant holding pole on Tuesday morning in Oconee County, Georgia.

The Chiweenee had been left outside of Shubert’s friend’s home because of an “aggressive cat” at the home – Shubert’s friend, Greg, explained:

I’ve got a very, very large cat. He weighs 30 pounds. A full blown Maine Coon … he’s aggressive, and when Marshall got here he told me his dog may pee on things in the house so Marshall said we’ll tie him outside. We gave him water and food.”

By the time that Big Boy was discovered hanging from the metal pole, rigor mortis had set in. The local authorities have launched an investigation.

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A miraculous recovery


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    The days of leaving your dog tied outside unattended are long gone. There are evil people just looking to do something like this to this poor little dog. For all we know the dog was barking all night and a neighbor had enough! I’m sorry this man lost Big Boy like this but he has to take some responsibility for leaving his dog outside! Poor little dogs didn’t deserve to die like this at all!


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