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Heroic dog saved wheelchair bound owner from burning home

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A disabled woman in Coffee County, Tennessee, is hailing her dog a hero after the pup saved from a fire which destroyed her home and killed two of her other pets. According to News Channel 5, on January 13, Cherrie Fletcher’s Rottweiler, Hopi Grace, not only woke her up as flames spread through the mobile home, but she helped open the door to get outside and pulled her wheelchair out.

Fletcher recounted the dramatic series of events to the news agency:

“She just jerked me out and knocked the door open with her nose, and out on the porch we went.”


“Without Hopi, I don’t think I’d have made it, I could have had a heart attack and died in there.”

Though Fletcher and Hopi Grace survived, another Rottweiler, and a blind cat named Pinto Beans perished in the blaze.

The difficult aftermath

Fletcher’s home of 28 years was completely destroyed and now she is struggling to find housing where her dog is allowed. But she doesn’t want to give up on Hopi Grace, especially after the dog saved her. She told the news agency that there is “no way” she’ll give up on her companion.

Fletcher is trying to raise money for a new mobile home. Read more about the fundraising efforts on her behalf at this link.

(Stock image of a Rottweiler via Pixabay free images)

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    HOLY COW !!!! It would be ONE HELL of A THING ::: to have to relinquish the VERY COMPANION PET that save your life to a shelter to be euthanized.. !!! Tennessee IS NOT PET FRIENDLY ( AS PROVED BY THE NUMOROUS PET RESCUE REPORTS OF ABUSE or ABANDMENT::: there must be an organization to HELP this HANDICAPPED Lady and her rescuer !!!!


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