Heartbreak and a warning after dog dies from lake water

Heartbreak and a warning after dog dies shortly after visit to park

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A Washington family is grappling with heartbreak following the unexpected death of their dog, who died shortly after a visit to a park. Yunue Moore issued a public warning on social media on Monday after the unexpected death of her family’s dog, Clue.

In a Facebook post, Moore recounted what led up to Clue’s death:

Today my family and I took our beloved dog, Clue (pictured, right) to Anderson Lake State Park.
The lake has various trails, and we walked along one that had some marshy areas along the lakefront. Clue splashed around in the marshy areas, and even fell in at one point and I quickly got her out of the water. 

Clue’s fall into the lake resulted in her death – Moore explained how quickly toxic algae in the water claimed her beloved dog’s life:

Clue was exposed at approximately 11:30 AM, and a couple passing by told us to be careful as other dogs have died from exposure to the algae.
She was in the water for less than a minute total, and maybe had one mouthful of water from when she fell in.
We rushed her to an emergency vet, and she passed away about 2 hours later from pulmonary paralysis, and experienced tremors, seizures, and went into a coma.

As the weather warms, toxic algae can form on ponds and lakes – especially those which do not have a good flow of water. Moore said that there were signs advising people not to fish at the lake, but nothing to warn pet owners of the deadly nature of the algae in the water.

Learn more about toxic algae at this link.

Please spread the word – even a small amount of water impacted by the algae can be deadly, as was sadly the case for Clue.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    NO SYMPATHY AT ALL FOR THE OWNERS! Are they STUPID or JUST PLAIN INSANE! They invited this by placing the dog in a dangerous situation in the first place! Also, Clue had already fallen in the water once and needed to be rescued!

    Another innocent defenseless dog victim at the mercy of MORONS!


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