‘Good Samaritans’ facing cruelty charges in case of severely starved dog

Good Samaritans facing animal cruelty charges for starved dog
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Two people who tried to portray themselves as good Samaritans are now facing animal cruelty charges in a case involving a severely starved dog who they supposedly found. As reported by Boston News, investigators believe that 24-year-old Michael Coke and 22-year-old Tatyana Denis are responsible for the dismal condition of a pit bull dubbed Glitch.

Coke and Denis claimed that they found the skeletal dog near Massasoit Community College. The emaciated pit bull, who weighed just 15 pounds, was taken in at MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center where staff deemed him one of the worst cases of neglect they had ever seen.

Despite the tremendous odds stacked against him, Glitch managed to come back from being nearly starved to death and he has already been adopted into a new home. The couple that claimed to have found him are facing charges for animal cruelty, and Denis is also facing a misleading police charge.

(Image via MSPCA Angell)

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  1. People like this need to be dealt with by our legal system SEVERELY, otherwise we will never stop these horrific crimes against innocent animals, NEVER….


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