Charges against man who tethered emaciated dog to tree

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In Chemainus, B.C., Kevin Timothy has been charged with animal cruelty in a disturbing case of a one-year-old German shepherd found abandoned and tethered to a tree with a cable deeply embedded into her neck – thus exposing her windpipe.

According to the B.C. SPCA, the German shepherd named Hope was found in May 2019 suffering from emaciation, extreme muscle wasting and a deep wound in her neck. The open wound on her neck, crawling with maggots, had become so deeply infected, it exposed her jugular vein and trachea. As a result, the dog’s head became severely swollen, and she was unable to walk.

Chief humane investigator of the BC SPCA Marcie Moriarty stated it had been a miracle the dog named Hope survived.

“The cable was tied so tightly that her face was pressed to the tree and she could not lay down or move. The wire was deeply embedded into her neck, causing such a massive wound that her jugular vein and trachea were exposed.”

When discovered, Hope was rushed to an emergency animal hospital and later transferred to another hospital for special treatment. The dog underwent several surgeries to repair the damage to her neck.

Fortunately Hope survived and has been adopted by one of her care workers at the veterinary hospital.

If found guilty, Timothy faces up to five years in prison, a maximum of $70,000 fine and up to a lifetime ban on owning any animals.

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(Screenshot via Metro)

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